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Axle Pivot Bushings


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May 2, 2004
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I was wondering how hard it is to change the Axle Pivot Bushings? I have read a few threads about it and it didn't sound too hard, it said it would take about 30 min per side for the bushings that use original shell(My Energy Suspension bushings use orig. shell). But in my Haynes manual it said you have to 'remove the axle assembly' to put them in. Any help is appreciated.

Also, this wouldn't cause me to need a new another alignment right??

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My Energy Suspension Axle pivot busings came with their own replacement shell (do you have the metal shell with your bushings?). I had the luxury of pressing the old bushings & clamshell out with my "C" clamp ball joint tool while the axles were removed from the vehicle. This made the job much easier, but IMO the job is 30 min per side only if you a professional mechanic and have done them several times before. I would say it is more likely an hour or more per side (accounting for some thinking time). The metal shell is flaired after the bushing is inserted to prevents the bushing from wandering around.

Your alignment shouldn't be affected since you're not altering the camber bushing or tie rod ends.

O, So I guess I DO have the shell, that is the shell around it, correct?

Yes, that is the shell. The instructions should tell you to dissasemble the new bushing prior to installation. Basically the fit is very snug and you will NOT be able to press the bushing and sleeve into the axle at the same time. You press in the sleeve first then the bushing, then the metal tube insert. Then you flair the bushing in place. Be carefull when pressing in the sleeve, take your time and make sure it goes in straight and doesn't get skewed. When it is about 80% in you need to watch the end since it can get hung up and you can crush the sleave if your not carefull. BTW I didn't use the O-ring part on the outside of your picture. I believe it is for other applications since it wasn't part of mine.

Ok, thanks for your help

Taking them out kinda sucks....


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Nice looking Beam BlueOx! Did you restore it first prior to replacing the Axle pivot bushing? I used an impact gun with the "C" clamp tool... A few pulls of the trigger and the bushing and shell were in my hand.. The best part is you don't have to secure the beam at all. I remember using a cheater bar exactly as you have pictured, but I had to brace the TTB to prevent it from moving around. Here's a pick of my setup.

Man that is sweet.....I wish I had painted the lift also.

I had all the front end pieces sandblasted and got tired of waiting for ups to deliver the bushings so I painted before removing thats the reason for all the rags but I still marred it. I don't expect it to last.

My apple tree out back looked like something Tim Burton would have thought up with all the black and red truck parts hanging out of it.

You know whats funny I have electric and air impacts and didn't even give it a thought......I quess I like manual labor.

I used several wire wheels in my drill and grinder to remove as much rust as possible. I then sandblasted everything as you can see in the pic below. Instead of paint I used POR-15 This stuff is super strong and scratch resistant. I started out using Rustoleum, but it scratched way to easily so I switched. The rustoleum held up fine on parts that didn't get any contact. When I blew my rear brake line a few months back the fluid stripped away all the rustoleum it contacted. All Por-15 parts were completely unaffected as the coating is chemical resistant. I can picture your apple tree in my head... My parts dangled within my garage for a few weeks until everything was completed.