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Axle / Wheel bearing help please

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October 5, 2003
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99 XL / 4x4 / 4.0 ohv
Well........ I have been working on tearing down a 96 XJ D30 for my rig. The axle is from the midwest so a bit "glued" together. I have gotten most of the junk off, but have yet to be able to pull the Hub and Bearing assembly.
On the jeep it is a very similar assembly to the 4X4 IFS Explorers.

Below you can see the assembly. The red dotted line is where it should seperate for removal. On the only Jeep I have worked on as well as my Explorer The whole unit just slid off by hand with no force whatsoever.


I have beat on this thing and soaked it in penetrating lube but to no avail. In short I need to get it off for replacement as well as to make the axle shafts available for removal and inspection. In addition to changing seals and such.

Well.... I was getting irritated and was advised to grab a gear puller and go to town with the impact wrench.


It all seemed to be going fine as the bolt was still moving and things were I thought.

When it all finally popped free though this is what I got.


As you can see in the picture the inner and outer parts of the assembly seperated exposing the actual bearings. They really were not supposed to. Now that it is open I can see that the bearings were fine so I wonder can it go back together? and how?

But my main question is this. How do I get the inner part of the assembly off the housing???????????

FIRE!!!!! Torch it, beat on it, torch it, beat on it.

Alrighty then, I just had to partake of a little of the thinking substance and it all falls in to place.

I rethreaded the bolts into the assembly through the knuckle so that about 3/4" inch of extra hung out, Grabbed my :hammer: and beat on the socket over the bolt head. A bit of banging and low and behold the assemply pops free and the dust sheild clatters around. Man I hate it when I get too focused and miss the obvious solutions. Oh well 1 removed and put back together by the 2x4 and BFG method. 1 more to go.

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