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Axum's Red '97 Explorer Sport

So here's my Explorer. It's not technically my first car, but it's the first one I ever owned AND drove. I don't plan on doing a whole lot to it, I pretty much fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Plan on trying to keep it running as long as I possibly can.

1997 Explorer Sport
Engine: 4.0L V6 OHV (X)
Mileage: ~119,500
Trans.: 5R55E 5-Speed Automatic
Air Filter: K&N
Exterior: Red
Interior: Charcoal

Completed Projects:
LED High-Mount Brake Light Conversion
Unofficial Quick Blend Door Replacement
Replaced Idle Air Control Valve(man did she howl)
Diagnosed/Fixed Griding Noise in Center Console(my own fault)
Replaced Spark Plugs (had to have been original plugs)
Replaced Shocks (also probably original)

Pending Projects:
Replace/Fix Front Grille (cracked)
Clean-up Headlights (yellow and foggy)
Diagnose & Fix Gas Mileage Issues (getting about 11 City / 16 Hwy)
Find & Diagnose Squeaking In Front End On Bumps(discovered now it only seems to do it when it's cold or humid)
Eventually Fix Hail Damage on the Right Side (maybe)
Fix Peeling Paint on Doors and Hood
Fix Rubber Bumper In Driver's Side Door (starting to scratch tinting)
Fix Passenger Window Switch (Only Works When Pressed hard)
Fix Moonroof Inner Door (maybe, if I can get one cheap)
Transmission Fluid Flush (maybe or not, since the fluid might be original too since so much has been already)



This image is before the hail damage on this side.

Nice Sport. I have a 97 Sport as well, it's 4x4 with the SOHC though...and 213,000 miles! I am tempted to change the trans fluid as well but I'm not sure it ever has been. Plugs/wires and IAC valve are all on my list of things to do. Your Sport is pretty clean, looks great!


Thank's man. The pictures are a bit old, we had some nasty hail in 2010, about 6 months after I got it. So the right side got some hail dents. It's not very noticeable, except for the trim around the rear quarter vent window. Keeps getting covered in mud with all our "haboobs" this year.

nice sport u got there