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AZ '97 Explorer XL

Ive been around the forum for a little while now and I guess its time to register...
97 XL 4.0L SOHC 231,000 miles :)
I currently live in Chino Valley, AZ
I am running the basic TT, Shackles lift with 31x10.50 BFG AT tires.
3.55 gears, Open all around. Gets me where I want to go.
This is how it sat at stock

Front crossmember at stock... its been abused.

Newly lifted

Front crossmember lifted

Flexed out with sway bars...:rolleyes:




Your Explorer definitely looks better with the lift.:thumbsup:

nice x u got there keep up good work

Sup, I'm in Prescott. Maybe we could hook up some time and go trailing. I know some good ones up in flag. I have a green 1999 XLT, with a CB attenna on the right side with cali plates, if you ever see me around. Nice Explorer by the way.

yeah I used to live in Prescott until last year. Is your truck lifted at all or is it stock? I know there is another white explorer in town that has 32's on it... I think, I didnt really get a close look at it.