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AZ build up

Hey guys I just picked up a 97 explorer xlt 4x4 with the 4.0.It has 68,000 miles i want to use this to track progress and any issues that may come up.

This is my DD but I want some additional power and such. My last truck was a lifted custom tuned diesel with fully built trans. So I like to wrench.

So I will start with the issues..... It was missing the evap system that lives near the rear tank....FIXED

Missing front drive shaft....Ordered

New spark plugs installed

future mods.... Shackle and TT with 31" tires, paint trim, CAI, Power mods?

cosmetic... roof rack, extra lights

i will post pics in the next few days.




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do u got pics of it

Looks nice and clean, great find!! I see your rear wiper needs painted just like mine....

It'll last ya a while, too....I'm at 197k on my '97, and it keeps coming back for more:)

thanks 97xlt4.0! I picked up the trim paint today... just ordered some warrior shackles and searching for the right deal on tires... I'm loving this truck so far.

I painted all my trim when I bought it needs it again! lol.

These trucks sure look good with 31's on 'em....I have some warrior shackles, too, just need to put 'em on and crank up my t-bars...

so the shackles are on back order but should ship next week. i replaced the shocks up front.. man I think they were the original ones from 97 had to break out teh air hammer on the drivers side on 2 of the 3 nuts/bolts.. soo much rust.. Installed the front drive shaft and painted the pillars check it out:


Looking good. And I thought I had a decently low mileage '97......

pillars are lookin nice keep up the good work!

LOL all you low mileage guys are makin me jealous:p

Seriously though, looks great, makes me want to go wash's been a while!

so i've been getting that "rattle" sound only when stopped (drive thru, Stop Light) I'm gonna order the 00m12 recall kit.. I hope that fixes it

shackles came in today and I found a set of 31" on CL for $250 I'm gettin them Sat. Hope I can get some time to get everything done this weekend!