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AZ Run Photos!!

No more radius arm posts here. If you need to discuss it further start a new thread and Ryan can merge the posts into the new thread.

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I was unable to open the video clips.
An error came up stating that there was no available decompresor?
What the heck does that meen?

Hammer - try right clicking on the link and go to save as. Then save it on your computer and open it up from wherever you saved it. I got the same message before I did that.

Rick, would it be possible to get the video of me going over that obstacle? Whenever you get a chance of course....

BTW, I don't think that's actually Robert crossing the river unless the sun is playin tricks with the video camera. I'm pretty sure that's Kevin...

Ok, I renamed the video clip and uploaded yours. All of the links are being placed in the first post of this thread.

Dead Link Removed

Jeremy, you most likely need to download the latest version of Quicktime.

Oh man, that is awesome....thanks Rick.

:hammer: This is a picture of my twisted cross member at Ajax trail. it was the last obstacle:frustrate


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Any photos from the Ajax mine group??

My wife and I made it home late last night. We saw Michael a couple of times on the road headin East on Monday.
We had another great time at an sponsored event. Thanks Rick and Char for all your hard work to make these events successful.
It was great to meet people I didn't know before and to see the other ones I met at Truckhaven.
Thanks Becker69 for showing up with your Sport Trac so that I wasn't the only one again. :bounce: :bounce:

Below are the links to my pictures.
Saturday, March 16th, 159 images:

Sunday, March 17th, 233 images:

I definately enjoyed the Coke Ovens run more than the Crown King one.

John and Emmy

I had a blast Aquaman, maybe we can pick up another ST driver for the next run? :rolleyes: Hopefully we could run in the same group next run (I might try to work on Moab ;) ) Why did you prefer the Coke oven's vrs the Crown King run?
If anyone wants to come down to Tucson in a few months, I am trying to get some time to run the local trails now that I am hooked on this!!:bounce:

I promise the next run I go on... I will have my CB problems worked out


I thought the scenery of the Coke Ovens run was really great!

And I liked the obstacles that it presented. They are no problem for the big dawgs, but fun for the stock and super stock rigs.


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Originally posted by Aquaman

I thought the scenery of the Coke Ovens run was really great!

I totally agree. One reason that I liked the second day I think is obvious :rolleyes: :D

The obstacles were fun even though I had to stack a couple rocks here and there. Also, it was a great variety (canyon, mountain climb, mountain descent, river crossing, foresty type setting, and incredible secenry). only downfall was that although the group that went on the Coke Ovens run was great, it's always nice to be able to have everyone present, cause all the people you meet on runs are always really nice people that are fun to wheel with.

Also, the weather was a little nicer and not as much traffic. Having to deal with runners, other drivers, atv's, and dirtbikes makes it seem a lot more hectic; I'm sure for both sides. I wish we didn't have to kick up dirt into the poor runners faces, but I guess that just happens sometimes (for those who didn't know, there was a running group doing a run up the mountain causing 200 runners to be out there at the same time as us. I think we passed some of the "runners" like, 3 times because we weren't going too fast...)

How long did Sunday's run take you all to make (going the Coke oven's route)? Man am I disappointed that I decided to wax that trail:mad: It was nice however to actually see my girls for a bit before my shift on Mon. Plus I think I scored brownies with my wife because I came back earlier than expected :cool:
I love the pictures of the water crossing! Nice wakes!
It does look like there were some nice obstacles for those with < 33" tires.
Does anyone know how many trucks we had total between the 2 days? I know there were a few less on Sun.... I came back, and I think Maniak came back too.

There was 21 vehicles on Saturday's run, and 6 on the Ajax run.

I didn't count who went on the Coke Ovens run.

Becker69 - I got this one picture of your Jeep friend. I thought he might like to have it. Hope it doesn't affend anyone.


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I dont have any pictures from the AJAX run. We was worried about finding the run and did not think of taking pictures. That is cool run, we will have to get you out there soon. I would like to run both the woodpecker and Ajax mines. There is another one further down on the 60. I read about it last night in the book. Sounds cool. I could not beleive there are so many trails out there. We have done Box Canyon, Coke Ovens and the Martinez trail about 50 times.

Jerermy, we also passed the entrance to Axle Alley on the way to the Coke Ovens. You can tell by the name that's another good one.

Here's one for TwoTone (6-tire Doty)


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Here's one for Fakrwee.


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I think this one's Ray.


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I got some more Carnage!
Besides my smashed Rocker I have to replace all of the Spindal nuts and washers including the retaining washer on the drivers side hub. The spindal threads are pretty chewed up but I think it will be ok. I dont want to spend over $100 for a new spindal. I hate the IFS:frustrate
I also lost my blower motor on for the A/C. It is getting hot in AZ already.

I am looking at a pretty large bill.