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AZ run return.. (photos) mild carnage


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February 8, 1999
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We had a blast on our run today. We started off with ExplorGM - Rick, Hammer97 - Jeremy, Jeremy's brother Jason in his 5 day old TJ, Ricks friend, whose name I can't spell :rolleyes: and my friend Sam from FLY-N-HI in his Cherokee.

The beginning of the day was an easy run. We never did find Lost World. I missed the turn off and we went straight out to Table Mesa Rd.

The only trouble up to that point was Rick's friends Ranger which lost his front auto hubs.

Once back to the main road he took off for town and the group split in two. ExplorGM and Jason took off to check out some moderate trails while Jeremy, Sam and I ran part of Raw Deal.

I should have known things were going to be fun since right away I dropped my front left tire in a nice hole by taking an extreme line on the obstacle. My rear tire came up and the truck was rocking pretty good. The only thing keeping us from going over farther was the rock slider which hung up on a ledge.


When we got to the beginning of the trail I didn't like what I saw. The rock crevices were filled with water and the last time it was like that I saw a built Early Bronco lay it on it's side when one of the tires got sucked into a deep hole.


We didn't do anything like that today, but I did manage to scrape up both my drivers doors and mash my front diff cover. Jeremy dented his rocker panel and his Smittybuilt front bumper. He was going to cut that bottom tube off anyway;)

Sam made it through with no damage. He really did an impressive job of getting through there. And at the end of the trail freaked us all out by lifting his rear tire about 5 feet in the air:eek:


I do want to apologize to Rick and Jason for how long it took to get out of Raw Deal. We were taking some fun lines and the going was slow.

Here is a link to all the photos:

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Looks like you had a blast. Man do I miss Arizona wheeling.

Bad ass pics! Stout looking cherokee too! Uh, looks like ya need a diff gaurd providing move coverage :)

More damage...

In addition to the above mentioned damage, my co-worker, Odon, busted a rear leaf spring and I took a rock in the windshield shattering the driver's side. Jason and I did have fun on the "white rock" steps. Nice day, and beautiful AZ scenery!

That was a great time!
I love my carnage, I wear it like a badge of honor. My wife didn't care much. She just said "If you would have had the Zimmerman Rock Sliders that would not have happened" She did like the idea that when we do get them there will be a place for her foot when she steps up into the truck. Thanks Char!
Don't worry about it Rick, My brother had a great time. I was amassed at how well a stock Jeep wheeled. I was a bit jealous. If I fit in them better I might want to get one...hmmmmm NEVER!!!!! I will take my top heavy under powered, crappy IFS Exploder any day. Go EX's!
It was nice to meet the guys from FST and Flyin Hi. I thought they were great. I will get a copy of the video to you ASAP. Oh yeah are you in for this Sunday?

Anyway it was nice to finally do a run with you Rick. I had a blast:D

Oh man, looks like you guys had a great time. Maybe next run I can go, hopefully.

How about this weekend.

We are planning a Sunday adventure to, Box Canyon, the Coke ovens and Martinez trail.


I will get times and where to meet.

Rick if you want to start a post that would be cool!

Go ahead Jeremy, you know the details on that run better than I do :D