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b/h inspection plate on 95 auto??? (removing motor ?s)


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February 20, 2001
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98 Contour SVT
Well, looks like I'll be pulling the motor on my 95 :(

We pulled the starter and found small metal shavings on the inside lip of the flywheel. I think a bolt might be backing out of the flywheel and finally caused motor problems. I crawled under there last night and I can't find an inspection plate anywhere... how am I supposed to get the torque converter bolts off??? It's going to be a needle in a haystack when I go to line up the new motor with the bolts on instalation... any help?

The converter- to- flexplate attaching nuts are accessed through the starter mounting hole.

Remove the starter-to-converter housing attaching bolts and position the starter out of the way. (Sounds like you have already done this.)

Mark and index the converter stud to flexplate.

Remove the four flexplate-to-converter attaching nuts by placing a 22mm socket and breaker bar on the crankshaft pulley attaching bolt. Rotate the pulley clockwise (as viewed from the front) to gain access to each of the nuts.

Hope this helps.