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B II soon to be with X parts

November 19, 2007
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PA just outside of the Burgh
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88 Bronco II/96 5.0
Yep, I'm new here...registered at least. I've been cruising forums for months before I decided to sign up. Seems like a good bunch here.
I have four vehicles:

2000 Sable, 3.0 DOHC: Daily driver...200 HP and good milage...unfortunately the interior is peeling like a mid eighties cavalier.

1987 F-250, 8600GVW, 4.9, c-6: project 325K overheated and cracked a head...got bad machine work done...bent valves runs like percolator.

1970 F-250, 4.9, 3 on tree: project...1979 motor...needs bed fixed (moron made bed liner out of untreated, unpainted plywood before I got it)

1988 Bronco II, 2.9, headers, Mitsu 5 speed: Mostly stock, but not for long. 140K and valve noise when cold. oil leaks...tranny works good when up to temp most of the time. tranny leaks and overheated in 5th when I ran 31's.

I'm gathering parts and info to replace the drive train when this one goes. So far, I have a M5OD-R2 tranny out of a 1989 F-250, an NP-205 out of a 1979 F-150, and a 5.0 is on the way from a late 1998 explorer w/ mounts and wiring. I'm going to upgrade the axles and suspension too. Maybe the 8.8 out of the engine donor. I want to upgrade the front too, but am undecided on TTB or straight axle. Some of it depends on the deals I find.

Thanks for the good info,


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