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B4k w/ a d44?

I've decided to jump on the D44 band wagon. I think I found a 76 EB Dana 44 for a decent price. Now all I need is info on the swap. Anyone who has pics or step by steps could really help me out here. The shackle guy is gonna put it in and fab all the parts...but I want to know what I am getting in to first.
Can I use the stock EB steering?

Can I use the Superlift extended radius arm mounts w/ custom made radius arms?

Reuse the 6 inch superlift coils?

Can I keep the 8.8 rear? Just have it redrilled for the 5x5 1/2 bolt pattern?


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September 24, 1999
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hey bud..i don't know about the radius arms....but you to use the skyjacker coils, you would need an adapter/perch made for it. mine was out of a piece of uh...i think 3" round steel that had numerous holes drilled to measurement for it. you would have to ask kampy about that one....and as far as the rear goes, you can keep it...but you would have to order new axle shafts with the 5 on 5.5" flange. then drill the drums to fit. depending on wether or not you have a 28 or 31 spline, they will be 200 or 300 respectivly from moser.

i got into the front a smidge more on my thread too....

la revolution..lives on! :D