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Back again... 92 explorer sport this time

I like both, the explorer and the red ranger

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Well it has been a while, bought this thing to just be a fun offroad vehicle and no intentions of even putting plates on it and it has became a fun daily driver. Has been a great vehicle and has only needed a clutch replacement since my daughter had been driving it.......hahahahaha! (True story) Anyways, moved to a 16" wheel (same design as the red ranger) with a 33" other wise just enjoying it. Pic with the wife's freshly lifted two door as well as one from a month or two ago. Because pictures are cooler than words.

20220516_204933.jpg 197806.jpeg

oh yeah!! super cool!!! wicked new bronc!

Got a chance to actually play around with the explorer in a little different terrain than normal. Thought I'd share a few pics. She did well.

Screenshot_20230530_092526_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20230530_092444_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20230530_092244_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20230530_092033_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20230530_092213_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20230530_091456_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20230530_092131_Video Player.jpg

Looking good. Where was this at?