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Back doors open from outside but not inside


February 24, 2003
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Las Vegas, NV
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'96 XLT 4X4
On my 1996 XLT, both the back doors will open from outside but not using the inside handles. I have repeatedly set the child-safety lockout lever in both positions, but it doesn't make any difference.

Is there a well-known fix for this condition?


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Yeah this is a common problem in Ex's/Mounty its due to the linkage rod that connects to the handle it is either bent or out of shape i havent replaced it yet but plan to do so i think there are some threads about this ill look around

It's common for the inside rear handles to break. There is a weak plastic tab that often snaps. I have replaced several rear handles. I think they are around $20.

This is super common (especially if you have kids that ride in the back). I've probably replaced a 1/2 dozen through the years in 4 vehicles. Just ask the dealer for the correct side. Then plan 10-15 minutes your first time.


ok so im just starting to work on my 95 4.0L and i dont know how to fix the rear doors im having the same problem and ive been using these forums to fix some things so if someone can plz show me the steps to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated.