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back fire and hole in muffler,


April 29, 2012
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Grand Terrace
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1991 ford explorer
my truck idles fine in park but backfires when i shift into drive, theres a large hole in the muffler, if i replace the muffler will the backfire stop? does a large hole in the muffler create a popping or backfire sound?

Has anything changed since your earlier thread about the problem?

Replacing the muffler will not stop the cause of a backfire. Exhaust backpressure doesn't affect the running of the engine; unburned fuel in the exhaust is what causes a backfire.

it runs great except for the popping, no more stalling, no more jerking at acceleration, its smooth, not running rich now, i got code 11 for koeo and 11 for koer, did the compression test, all in range, i didnt lose pressure on any cylinders.