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Photos Back from TDS

Short review of Sunday's run.

Rick, Matt and Tom left for home around 9AM. Shortly after, a couple guys showed up: Mike in a black 02(?) Sport on 35s, and his friend Cliff in a 99 F350 crewcab diesel on 40s. :eek: They both came on the run. :thumbsup: I rode with Cliff, to help spot him through, since he'd never been out there before, and because his truck was 2 miles long. ;) Cliff did very well considering, and only got high-centered once, and bent his factory nerf bars nicely.

At the hill going to the phone booth, Mike gave it a shot after seeing Jefe go up it, and he made it up too! Some Jeeps saw that and came over to try, and that's when the red one almost rolled, (see Brian's pics). Mike used his Ex as a winch point for the Jeep. Hopefully, those guys have a liitle respect for grocery getters now. :D

Mike's wife Mary took lots of pics throughout the run. If they email me pics, I will post them.

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410Fortune said:
Ouch! Bumper time?
OKay no pulling in reverse! You had a spare shaft wih you????? hahahaha Didnt I give you one of those suckers? Hows the friggin clutch?
Yeah, definately bumper time, like last week!!! Did not bring a spare, DOH! I have one from buying Felix's complete D35, don't have one from you.

Clutch is like butter! :thumbsup:

Jefe said:
Here are all of my pictures :rolleyes:

(Though a few people should have some good shots of my rig. Let see 'em :D )

THAT photo is a POSTER! AWESOME shot Jefe :thumbsup:

Nice write up and good pics. I had my camara there, as a mater of fact I had two camaras there. I just never remembered to get them out of my duffle bag. :rolleyes:

Had a great time and cant wait till the next run.

Cool pics

Here are Johns pics:


  • TDS 2005 001.jpg
    TDS 2005 001.jpg
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    TDS 2005 002.jpg
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  • TDS 2005 003.jpg
    TDS 2005 003.jpg
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That's classic, apparently John only breaks out the camera when Jeff lifts a tire! :D

Jeff, I second what Gerald said, that pic is amazing!

Just made it my new background. :thumbsup:

Yea. me too. Does anyone have pics of the black 02 sport on 35's?

Lots of pics here folks.. Oh, alright, I was having too much fun to stop and take pics.

Here's my share - RangerX doing the rock thing only 5 minutes into Saturday's run, A group shot, and then a pic of the shattered stub shaft.

After lunch on saturday, I had lots of fun. I was afraid I'd get too many complaints of leading you guys into doom. I also wanted to get out of the wash that the TDS run was doing. So, when I saw that somewhat vertical wall, I figured someone would get stuck on it trying to do it. After seeing it only caused some minor problems, I kept the obstacle radar working full time the rest of the afternoon.

So, the radar said do the loops. Those loops sure was fun! We then headed into a wash, that turned headed towards the hills. The walls kept getting higher, and higher.. Then Rockranger's battery died. We added water, carefully I might add, since there was puffs of steam coming out of the cells, jumped it, and kept heading up the wash. All of suddenly, there it was - Truckhaven Nirvana.. 3 miles away from the camp, and a VERY interesting area.

Of course, Rockranger stalled his truck, and had to be jumped started again. RangerX did the honors this time, and we headed up and over a ridge. After the ridge I noticed a nice up-and-over hill that seemed to have a good drop off on the other side that the zuk could easily do. Of course, Rockranger was following me, and of course, he followed. He got high centered on it. His truck stalled again. RangerX hooked up a strap, and a few moments later, BANG! the stub was history. We found the damage when RangerX went to replace the hub.

Since it was now about 3pm, back to the camp the group started; also at this point, we was 3 miles from camp, in an area we had never been in before. The group got seperated. I had Rockranger and DB_1 following me, the rest, well, I have no idea what happened to them. We all just started going down the washes to get to hwy-86 and back to camp. About halfway down, I decided to head cross-country and back to camp, I didn't want to drive on the highway since the zuk is a trail vehicle. Up and down a few ravines, started to follow a few jeeps, scared them a few times, got tired of waiting for them a few times, and then we just headed out on our own. Amazingly, the camp was almost a direct shot from where we headed out cross country.

The only thing that happened to the zuk was the driver side wheel bearing loosened up and needed tightening. You thought the d35 lock nuts sucked.. Try a toyota setup someday.

The Saturday night campfire was good, a "white man's fire" as Brian would say. Too bad we all brought too much wood and had to pile the wood on the fire about 10pm saturday night to get rid of it. :D Rick was complaining about scorched seats the next day in the Pumpkin :D The fire was still hot to the touch Sunday morning.


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I took this at a rest stop on I5 sunday afternoon. The F250, my camper and the zuk.


  • truck-camper-trailer.jpg
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Sounds like there is a little Jefe worship going on here :eek: :confused: :rolleyes:

Here is more Jefe for you;



Mike's 2 door with 35's

Not Jefe (but his brother)




Another group shot;

High centered super duty;

Anybody see any good pics or reports on Pirate from the run, esp about the Unimog/Blazer incident?

there are a few pics I have found but not many. I guess some one with a jeep speed jeep one night was drunk and speeding through the camp grounds hit a few bumps and started rolling. he almost hit a motorhome and a few tents. Glad that wasnt buy our camp.

RangerX said:
Anybody see any good pics or reports on Pirate from the run, esp about the Unimog/Blazer incident?

Pirate was having db problems last night, and performance problems all day long.

So what little I could read, wasn't much besides bickering about the jeepspeed jeep.

Cool pics people! Did you miss me Brian?

This is going on the calander for next year!!!

Dave, Looks awesome with the sliders painted and all.


Couldn't see from the pics but did you end up painting the back of the bed to match the rockers like you were talking about in your other thread?

The best part about your truck Dave, is that you're a painter and your truck is 3 different colors. :confused: :thumbsup: ;) :p

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