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Back in an Explorer again!


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May 3, 2005
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Litchfield Park, AZ area...
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2021 King Ranch 4wd 3.0T
As the title states, I'm back in an Explorer again with the purchase of a Ford CPO used 2013 XLT 4wd in the color I wanted as well! This is my 2nd Explorer and 3rd Ford SUV. Mods to do... HID lights, maybe dark out the grill, hitch but first will be tinting the front doors and windshield top.


My previous EXP and Escape


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Welcome to the 2011 - 2016 Ford Explorer 5th Generation Forum cwescapexlt4x4.:wavey:
Good colour choice for the area where you live. You'd be surprised how much heat the darker colours absorb.


Nice choice!! Plan on getting a white CPO 2013-2015 Ex by the end of the year.

You will find there is a huge difference in this Explorer and your previous version. Having had a 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010 prior to my 2014, there are some good things, and some not so good in the 5th generation. It's certainly a compromise. In the snow, mountains, and off road, the previous generations are clearly better. But ride, comfort and in some cases utility is better in gen 5.

Let us know what you think.

So far really enjoying it, BIG difference for sure from my 2006 but even more so from my Optima ;) I see a road-trip in the near future with some gentle offroading.