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Back in Black


meaty beaty big & bouncy
July 19, 2004
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Baja California
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99 XLT
Made some new mods to the Explorer;


Installed a T&M doubler (Thanks RangerX!).
Swapped in a Bronco II gas tank.
Added some exo cage protection around the wheel wells.
Installed a center limiting strap on the front axle.
Put new diff covers front & rear.
Re-valved the shocks (firmed up the rebound - Thanks Rick).
Gutted the rear doors and installed McNeil fiberglass front doors.
Removed the roof rack.
Put a 9 pack of Deaver springs in the back.
& of course; took a roller & painted the sucker black. Flat Black! (Froaders fav:D)

I'll post up some more of the install pictures & info later, but for now, here are some poser pics of the new stuff:






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Yeah, how's the crawlability?

Flat black rolled on! It doesn't get any cooler than that!

Yup! The doubler is GREAT! I was a bit underwhelmed with the Atlas 3.8 gearing but this doubler is just what I was looking for.

I spent most of the time just practicing the shift patterns of the cases, but low low is really low:D

The paint turned out cool. I sanded in the morning & blew all the dust off with the air hose, then went over it with a rag. Then in the afternoon I mixed the paint with mineral spirits (Stic-o posted that somewhere) & started rolling.

Took me about 7 hours to complete. I still need to cover some corner areas etc... I'll get some spray cans for that.

I'm very happy with the new shock valving as the truck is a lot more stable now.

Looking awesome - as usual.

I am interested in your side windows, any more info on how they were made? Do they keep the rain out pretty well ?

hell yeah it looks bad ass

Thanks all!

The side door windows were originally made by Trckmagik. I bought them a while back from someone else.

The back cargo windows are just black sheet plastic cut to fit & I put a silicone seal & screwed them in with self-tapping screws.

They do a good job keeping rain & dust out & the AC in:p:

Later, I'm going to cut down the front doors to about 3/4 doors & I'm going to make some new windows to fit & put zippers in them to roll down rather than unsnap them.

Hey thanks for the info!
Some great window tips and ideas.

Wow that looks great! Someday, i'll paint mine:rolleyes:

That's awesome the doubler worked out for you, still deciding on what I want to do in that department.

Did you ever get the Staun beadlocks? If you haven't i'll sell you mine (set of 4) if you're interested. They are for 17 x 8-8.5 wheels and never installed. I tried to install one and discovered they won't work with my wheels without modification (on the wheels). I'm sure they work fine on 99% of the wheels out there but since I have the super bling Walkers I happen to have the 1% that won't work. I'd explain but i've already hijacked your thread enough:D

Chris, when you get a chance, how about some pics of the doubler and BII tank?

Damn cool looking almost looks like something outta the Mad Max/Road Warrior movies:D

Dude, there's no door handle on the front doors.

Bling Bling key chain entry?

Looks sick as hell. I loved it before and didn't want to see it get all chopped up.

Yeah, I decided not to make a buggy out of it. I'm going to keep it as is for a while & later I'll build a Jeep/Buggy; although I might just get a Yamaha Rhino so the whole family can play.

The doors have a latch on the inside & for now, I need to reach in the window & push it down to open the door from the outside. Later I plan to chop the doors down & then I'll have the latch sticking out to hit & open.

I'll put up more pictures of all the installed stuff when I get over to my other computer.

That thing sure has come a long way from where it was a couple years ago. The flat black really works!

Here are some more shots of the installation of the latest mods:

Redesigned antiwrap bar for the rear axle;

Bronco II gas tank;

Gas tank skid plate;

Gas tank cross member;

Tank install;

Doubler on trans;

New trans cross member (shiny black paint)

Cross member/Trans mount;

New T-Case cross member;

T-Case mount;

Cut out rear doors;

Fiberglass front door & frame;

Front doors;

Tank from back;


Looking good as always Chris;)

Wow. :thumbsup:

Is all that done at Perry's?

Could ya would ya quite possibly tell me how much the fiberglass doors ran you? Was it just the skin ?

I need em and I was originally thinking of making negative molds from the current doors and then pull some positives. But thats time and effort I'm not sure I'm willing to undertake if Mr. Perry has an alternative.

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