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Back in the game........

Black Goblin

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January 21, 2007
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Tolono, Illinois
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97 GC 4x4 92 Ex 4x4 33s
Well after a LONG and crazy night I finally got home at 5am central time with Jman689's '92 X on a trailor behind my wifes Grand Cherokee. Everything went great until the binder for the chain holding the front broke a mile from his house. So I wrapped the chain around the front axle and drove like that. Then I get on the Interstate heading the wrobg direction and end up going 25miles the wrong direction adding an hour of drive time to my already 3hour drive. All in all I made it home safe and so did the big orange pumpkin truck and she is now sitting happy and cleaner in my driveway waiting for me to take the title to the title place and transfer title and plates. Now for the fun to begin!:cool::thumbsup:;)

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...I had been watching that thread and I'm glad you wound up with it..But you know, ...


Wow guess i am outta the loop lately :confused:

I will have pics up soon. I am going to the title place to transfer my plates from my s10. I need to take the front wheels off and greese the front bearings because it is growling and I don't think he greased the front bearings after he was out in 3ft of water. I have already gotten the drivers rear door working and hae cleaned up the outside halfass. I have also adjusted the fender he trimmed for the snorkle. I took it around the block with my brother inlaw and it has plenty of power but needs a tuneup and to be seafoamed really bad because it is surging while idling so I know the IAC is clogging up on me. I am happy with the purchace and happy to have another explorer. I almost went and baught another CJ7 because he was taking a while to get back to me.




Here it is sitting in my driveway next the GC that towed it home with me puckering the whole way home.:rolleyes:

...and it's already covered in EF bling, Score...:biggthump

sweet! that ex has always been an inspiration to me since I joined this site. glad to see it found yet another owner to keep it alive.

...and it's already covered in EF bling, Score...:biggthump

Its got EF bling on both side windows and on the rear hatch and the spare hatch has Moab and the Badlands on it.:D

it will deffinately stay alive with me. I am in the process of bringing her back to her glory already. I can't wait to drive her around and see how many looks I get in it.

Just me or does it look like Jr. was forced to stand there for the Pic? :D does look happy standing there.

Awesome! Glad you found another explorer James, and one from a long-time forum member is even better.

I like that orange and black combo. I think I might use that on my X when I am ready to paint it

well I got the breaks and wheel bearings fixed and now I need to fix the stalling problem and the radius arm bushings. After that I need to fix the pass front door hindge. It drives pretty good and has power but does burn a little oil.

well I just went out to check out the idle problem and I found the maf sensor halfway unplugged and the intake hose between the maf ane the throtle body was loose and losing vacume.

just got done working on the ex and found that someone installed an amp fuse between the battery and the alt. And it had fallen apart. I put it back together and the battery started charging. I am going to keep working on the stuff. Lots of little things.

Something you would never think about looking for. Love when that happens.

Well I have been driving the truck for two days now and the engine light has stayed off so I guess the MAF sensor was throwing the cel light the whole time. It has been running pretty good today while I was out driving around running errands.:thumbsup:

I am thinking about painting the truck balck and making a sequal to the black goblin sence the orange paint is coming off the roof and some of the other spots.

I vote keep it orange.

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