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Back in the saddle again!! PIcked up a 99 Xplorer Sport!


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July 16, 2001
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AB, Canada
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99 Explorer Sport
Just got her yesterday, 4x4, auto, SOHC, 235k kilometers (146k miles)

Picked her up for 1500 bucks CAN!

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Did the sig, forgot about the profile! Thnx

Pics coming soon!

Nice find. Any plans for it?

Probably stock for the winter, we'll see how long I decide to keep.

Maybe simple stuff like intake and exhaust, and maybe a 2 inch lift and level her out.


Dar she be!!!


Yes I'm going to be that guy that bumps a thread over a DECADE old to let ya'll know that this ol gal has recently come back to me. I had sold it shortly after this post to a close friend of mine who needed a car. Well he went and bought himself a new whip and threw these keys back to me.

She has slept in her own private garage since. Still got bit by some rust here and there but nothing unfixable. I'll post a pic once I get one.

Welcome from another 99 Sport owner.

Welcome to the site.

Some recent photos! (some bumps n bruises along the way but really minor). Considering starting a small build thread, new leaf springs coming for the back with warrior shackles, torsion twist and whatever else etc