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When's the next run? I want to take Stic-O down into that last canyon we went through Saturday.
MLK for me. The Birthday Curse is finally fading for me. The girls want a sleep over, and I said " Cool, I'll be at Truckhaven then!":D

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You people and your free wood. I usually buy 1/8th cord of wood (fill the back of the X) on my way out.... I used to stop in Brawly but I think I'll grab it from Tucson again this time.



There is a place where tree trimmers dump wood near my house. Got this truck full of seasoned wood today. Just threw the last piece in the bed when a expedition type XJ pulled in. All that was left was the stuff I couldn't pick up.

Hmmmm....what underground secret location can he be at...:scratch:...:)

Lol...I have to look them up..:p: