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Backup light switch or transmission range sensor problem?


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August 11, 2010
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San Antonio, Texas
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1996 Explorer 4.0
96 ford explorer working on 3rd transmission and 244,000 miles
Not sure what I am seeing under car and not sure what part is causing the problem.
Backup lights work ONLY if the shift is wiggled to near the park position but still in reverse.
Search for backup light problem gives "backup light switch"and also "transmission range sensor"
I crawled under ford (don't have jacks handy) and took picture but it does not match any parts switch or sensor.
Ford said part number was F5AZ7A247AA but that part looks nothing like the what I saw underneath the driver side area. Picture of "96 explorer backup switch" is just a small nut like sensor looks nothing like either.

what am I looking at.

If i need that range sensors it is about 70



Look on the driver side of the transmission where the shift cable attaches, the part number you gave F5AZ7A247AA gives a good description of what it looks like (google search for photo of part), being that the transmission was just replaced, it most likely needs adjustment.

Ford said part number was F5AZ7A247AA


I plugged that FORD Part Number into Rock Auto's Database, and it came back with that it was a "Neutral Safety Switch".

Just sayin ' - perhaps that switch, in this case - also handles back up lights?

I dunno - but just trying to help a brother out - and to welcome a new member - since this thread seems to have lost steam.

Here's a pic of what the Neutral Safety Switch (aftermarket/Standard Motor Products) should look like (FORD OEM is Black in color)


Here's a link to Rock Auto's Database with regards to part # F5AZ7A247AA : RockAuto

Hope that helps and report back!