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Backup sensor trim.

Hi, everybody. I recently purchased a 2003 Eddie Bauer. It's black with Gold bumpers and trim. I've got one cosmetic problem I hope somebody can advise me on. The trim piece on the rear bumper which houses the backup sensors is in desperate need of a new paint job. I bought the vehicle this summer with 50K miles on it and noticed the paint was a little chipped/peeling on the trim piece (the rest of the bumper and vehicle is fine). Over the past few months, 90% of the gold paint has come off the trim piece exposing the black plastic underneath.

I need to repaint the trim piece (either gold or black, not sure which to use yet) and ideally it would be easier if I could remove it to paint it instead of taping everything off and doing it on the vehicle. Has anyone ever taken one of these off before? Is it alot of work?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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