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bad abs,no warning light,need pics of sensors 97 AWD 5L V-8


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June 7, 2009
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Green Bay, Wisconsin USA
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97 AWD 5.0 V8
I've read almost every message here on abs problems.I still have no clue on what to look at next. I have a 97 Explorer AWD 5L V-8. noticed last winter abs would kick in near the bottom of brake pedal travel when stopping. I've never had the ABS light come on. It was on slippery roads so I thought nothing of it until it started happening on dry pavement. I disconnected the the wire connector to the abs and now brakes work great and no spongy felling like before.Now the ABS light is on.I checked the sensor on the back axle. It looked good and was 1.4k ohms.I'd like to check the front sensors without having to tear my truck apart.I only do very basic repairs. If I had photos of what to clean and check. Can the control module be easily checked? Truck is to old to make expensive repairs. will just let ABS light stay on if I have to. Thanks in advance!

more info:
checked wire connector at ends of both front sensors. both read .39 ohms.
control module itself had continuity thru it. next stop take wheels off and clean up with break cleaner.