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Bad Clutch Fan?


October 2, 2014
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06 Ford Explorer Limited
06' Explorer Limited 4.6 V8 - So my fan is staying on most of the time and only disengages occasionally. Is this a common problem? Also, it appears that I have a small coolant leak somewhere above the frame rail on the passenger side. Coolant is full and there is no rhyme or reason as to when the fan actuates or disengages. I can replace this part on my own but in doing my research most are saying to replace the water pump as well when replacing the clutch fan? I'm not big on replacing parts just in case. Is there a way to test the clutch fan? Any help appreciated.

My 06 v8 needed a new clutch fan at around that mileage since it was roaring like crazy. I used a Motorcraft part and at 264k miles it's still working fine.

The coolant leak is probably from the famous Y split of the heater hoses on the passengers side under the air duct. Just follow the small 5/8 inch heater hose and somewhere above the passenger front wheel you will see the Y junction.
Then search the forum for solutions, few ways to go about that.

I went ahead and ordered the clutch fan and the water pump since the water pump was only $40 on . Seems to be a pretty straight forward replacement on both of those especially renting the clutch fan wrench set. Great heads up on the Y split of the heater hoses. I hadn't had a chance to trace it down that far but where you describe is exactly where it is leaking. Thanks!