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bad headunit?


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March 15, 2004
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Ok this is not in an explorer but it could happen to any vehicle. I was driving my car today and i turned down the radio and when I got down to a certain volume my driversside door speakers quit working. If i turn the radio up the speaker will come back in. By the way this is a Alpine aftermarket headunit. Could this be a wiring issue or bad headunit?

It could be either. I would pull the deck out of the dash and disconnect the speaker in question. With the Alpine out I would run a short speaker run to any speaker that you laying around. And turn your stereo up and down to see if you can get it repeat the problem you have. If you still have the problem then you know it is the Alpine. If this fixes the problem then you know it is a wire problem.

are your setting corret. is the fade, and balance set to 0 or center, i have no idea what the lable is for alpine. you speaker might be set lower than the others so when you turn down the volume, it gets less power than the others, therefore not having enough power to drive the speaker

do what SRJ should know right away what is wrong.