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bad mileage (with mods)


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July 10, 2001
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Kent, WA
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'94 XLT
ive got a 2.25 mandrel cat back exhaust, kkm, bosch plugs, magnecor wires, and i get 15mpg, maybe 17 on highway. that sucks its the same as i got before i did the mods. i have reset the ecu, no change. any ideas? is it normal and im stupid?

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have you developed a heavy foot at all since the mods? a lot of times, that'll do it, and people dont realize it.

yes i have, but on some tanks i have tested my mileage by trying accelerate at a normal rate, and drive around 60 on the highway, and 45 on main roads. at best i get 16mpg, which still sucks.

How many miles on your x? Also, its a 94 explorer...that pretty normal...check your O2sensor...And yes sometimes mods dont always help gas mileage..

Are you running 3.73 gears with the stock tires? If so, that sounds about right.

yes i have 3.73 gears, stock size tires, and 112000 miles

Yeah, I definitely got better gas mileage with the 3.55s than the 3.73s. They were also different explorers, but the new one with 3.73s also has a KKM and flowmaster so I thought they would be about the same. Hopefully some 31s will get me back around 20 MPG highway.