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Bad Vibration / Drone At Idle When In Gear


February 22, 2007
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Lake Orion, Michigan
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2003 XLS 4x4
2003 / 4.0L / Auto / 4x4 / 130,XXX

I tried searching but came up with nothing.

This afternoon i started to notice a bad drone / vibration at idle in gear. I was cruising through a parking lot when it started. The vibration disappears as soon as the vehicle starts moving, and it doesnt do it every time you stop, i would say it does it about 75% of the time. I had my wife sit it in run it while i checked out the engine bay and underneath and outside the truck you cant hear it, and the engine isnt vibrating. Nothing looks out of place or damaged under the hood and underneath the truck. You can only hear/feel it when youre in the truck. It only does it in gear, not in park or neutral.