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Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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About 10 or so of us are heading down to Baja, CA for some international 'wheeling along the Pole Line Road. Most of the 'wheeling will be moderate with some Class 3+ and possibly Class 4 sections containing deep v notches, boulder-shrewn hill climbs, rock and boulder covered canyons and of course, deep sand and dirt.

The objective of the trip is to travel along a Telephone Line road that was constructed in the 1940s to provide telephone access to San Felipe in the event that Japanese submarines were to make their way up the gulf and attack the U.S. from the Colorado River!

This road has seen very little maintanence, so the requirement for a rear locker is a very real one.

The official link/trail summary for this event is at:

Travel will be December 18 - 22, 2004 - backcountry camping in the desert wilderness of Baja, CA. Oh, and gasoline prices in Baja, Mexico are about 30 cents per gallon cheaper than here in the States!

If anyone here is interested, just email me directly - the run happens in only 3 more weeks.

Types of vehicles on this run? Mostly Toyota Tacomas, Jeep Wranglers, a Isuzu Trooper, a Fullsize Ford Van on 35's, etc. The variety will be there, and so will between 15-20 people. This is gonna be big, and I want to invite anyone from this board that is interested in joining in. Josh S. had a good time on our last run, but unfortunately, his digital camera lost all of the images... :(