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Baking grease under car??

That white lithium grease look is when Gear oil and water mix.
When you came home the other night did you park over water in the driveway?

I sure did.

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Ok just an update I checked the diff oil level today and when I stuck my pinky in I could not find the fluid. So I pulled the cover and drained all the fluid. I have a steel cover so I primed then painted it with some old school Ford Blue Engine Enamel. Used some black RTV for the gasket and I'm waiting for the gasket to dry a little in about 45min I'll go add the fluid and it's time for a drive.

I ended up going with Mobil1 75w-90 Synthetic I bought 3qts.

Glad to hear the problem was solved!

Not completely sure it is yet. Gotta drive it to tell.
I will be sure to report back as soon as I know though.

Redline and Amsoil is overkill. That's def. not diff fluid. It looks kinda like white lithium grease but that obviously wouldn't be leaking from the truck.

Actually redline and Amsoil are the cheap options right now, have you see what a bottle of gear oil costs at a parts store lately. In my area royal purple is around $22 a quart and mobil 1 is around $18. Amsoil and redline are cheaper in comparison, and better fluids to boot.

It's fixed!!

I changed the fluid and took it for a drive ran great even seemed like it had a little more power. I'm also hoping that the switch to synthetic will net me better MPG's.

While i had all the old fluid I decided I'd test if I added some water it would turn that white color...and it didn't. So I'm not entirely sure the 2 were related. But I'm glad I checked it now after finding it so low. It also got rid of the thumping noise that I heard.

Also I got to make the cover a different color.

Ford blue! :thumbsup:

is it gear oil? You'll know if you smell it, it has a very unique and over powering smell. Doesn't look like much oil there though, mostly the mystery while fluid. The usual cause for that is oil and coolant mixing from something like a blown head gasket. Was the puddle under the back of the car or the front? Can you see any of it on the underside of the explorer anywhere?

I've normally seen a milky yellow foam when a headgasket goes and that looks pretty close. Rear end is normally grayish in color and the smell really sticks to your nostrils lol. Check everything sooner than later.

Only if it's conventional gear oil. That stuff is "The Stench That Stole Christmas" - and everybody's sense of smell :D
The synthetic stuff doesn't stink. - Only one of it's advantages

I don't have the time for an order so I have to go with what is readily available.

Now as to the weight I thought Ford recommended 75W-140 for the rear?

Ya I've seen those but I'm looking for synthetic and 75w-140. It seems to be the consensus when I searched it here some time ago.

75w90 is for the front diff. There have been several TSB's regarding the rear diff fluid. Ford recommend 75w140 synthetic (along w/ the L/S additive) for rear axles equipped with a limited slip differential. I believe the "official" recommendation for non-LS rear axles is for 80w90. I would use the 75w140 synthetic all around, no matter what you have. A.) It "lasts" longer (maintains it intended lubrication and heat dissipation qualities longer and under more extreme conditions) B.) It lubricates better. (Slightly better fuel economy, and easier on the gears/bearings/etc..) C.) NO GEAR OIL STINK!

Yes, it's pricey; but how often do you change it?