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ball joint check

got the camber caster plate off and now i cant knock the knuckle off the axle arm. I tried beating the crap out of the ball joint stud and spraying it but this thing wont budge. I have a chisel on top of the castle nut and i'm hitting it with a 2lb dead hammer. i'm gonna let it soak tonight then i'm gonna go to home depot and get a wrecking bar maybe i can pry it off. this sucks

On the passenger side, you have to cut the metal clip holding the Boot on. then the axle will slide out.

The slide hammer and the Spindle socket makes life Soooo much easier.

I got the spindle and axle out, I just can't get the lower balljoint out of the axle arm, I have a puller attached to the top balljoint, i wedged a ball joint seperator between the ball joint and the axle arm. I sprayed it with pb blaster, liquid wrench and wd 40. and i have a chisel on the lower balljoint stud that i am hitting with a 2 lb deadhammer. this thing will not move. i think i'm just gonna give up and bring it somewhere, I think my neighbors are gonna kill me i've been banging for 3 days and i'm not even done one side.

Thanks for all the help