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ball joints destroyed pics inside


December 23, 2007
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Mobile Alabama
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
i was made a post yesterday about the speed bumps so i took my truck to the shop today and the man show me the ball joints and i am just shocked they said they will fix both upper joints for 355.00 all together since i am a student but i am going to try to find it cheaper. also what do these do because i am not familiar with anything really about a vehicle

this is the right

this is the left

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Ball joints are $33-$35 a piece for your vehicle so I guess that price is fair

i just called another mechanic and he said that i will have to have the hold control arm replaced so it will cost more is this true

Yup, upper control arm & ball joint, I'd suggest getting a Moog replacement with zerk fitting if you can find one or any suitable quality set.

i just called another mechanic and he said that i will have to have the hold control arm replaced so it will cost more is this true
That is true for the 95-2001 Explorers -- yours can be pressed out and replaced separate from the arm.

i was wondering because the people at the auto store said that they dont sell it with the arm thanks all

If I recall the 2002 Explorer were two variants.. The sport class one that had the driveline of the 2nd gens and the other line that had the setup of the current generation.

Yes yes, the 4-doors have the newer suspension with the press-out ball joints. The 2-door Sports have the older design from the 2nd generation.

Didn't even seen the coil setup there.. lol.. yeah can be pressed out.. Simple job.

ok so another mech. told me he can do it for 90.00 labor and i just buy the parts but the only prob is he says i will need an alignment and he doesnt have the machine but i think this is still a good deal

I noticed this just the other day on my 04. They look exactly like yours.

To me it looks like just the boot is torn but the actual joint may still be good.
You cannot just replace the boot so the joint must be replaced.
If the joint is still good, I think you might get away without an alignment, but watch your tire wear and make sure the truck tracts straight when you let go of the wheel.

mine will be covered under my extended warranty though.

well i really hope this is what is causing the noise that my truck makes when it goes over a bump or speed bump