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Ball Joints


December 20, 2011
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Comox BC
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1994sport/Built 1996 Z28
So im new to the fourm as well as exsplorers. i just bought a super clean 94 sport 4x4 (and i ####ing love it) and im certaily going to be modding it for some light offroad dutys as most of my driving is on city streets but id like it to be trail capable...anyway before i can mod i want to get this running perfect and the one thing i need to replace is the ball joints.. im just wondering is there is a diffrence in between the ones used with the diffrent Axels? i cant remeber what two came which these SUVs and im not sure which one mine has there some obvious way i can tell ?


u got the Dana35 TTB front end with an Ford X 8.8" rearend

Check out the Ball Joint thread for lots of info and pics.

BTW many Auto part stores will list both a Dana 28 & Dana 35 for 1st gen explores. 99%+ of these Explorers came with Dana 35 front axles. Its easy to tell the two apart. Dana 35 axles have a smooth upper ball joint (Pictured below), whereas a Dana 28 upper ball joint is threaded like the lower one.

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Welcome! Well, I should at least mention that perfection is very elusive with this vehicle. I guess most everyone has a little gremlin or 2. Mine, like many, is an idle that is just a little bit rough despite intake bolts and every other thing mentioned here. 17 year old truck, you know...

But, it is relatively easy to work on, I even enjoy turning wrenches when the weather is decent.

The most important thing I can tell you is this: If you have ideas of large tires and lift, lockers and rocks, you will need to go with premium parts. All that is described here, often. I'm just saying, given the $10 ball joint and the $40 ball joint, you very definitely get what you pay for.