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February 28, 2011
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Greenville, MI
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2001 Explorer Sport
I need to replace my balljoints, but I have a question. According to the Haynes manual, and several people I've talked to, I can not just replace the ball joint, but I have to replace the entire unit(I'm assuming control arm). Any help here would be appreciated!

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Lower ball joints are individual, but the upper balljoints you have to buy the upper control arm. (Im kind of glad its that way honestly)

Thanks! I've been looking at the forums and that is what I was thinking, but needed some clarity. Thanks again

You could just swap the lower ball joints out, but some people actually find it easier/cheaper to replace the entire arm. Most of our trucks have over 100k on them so the bushings are most likely not up to par anymore.

Yes, that is something that I must take into consideration. It may be easier to change the whole thing out. I am getting the occasional "squeak" from my drivers side.

Ford and the Haynes manual state that the upper contol arm has to be replaced as a unit. Actually, the upper ball joints can be replaced without even taking the upper contol arm off the truck. Just need to remove the nut securing the ball joint and separate it from the knuckle. This will give you room to get the C clamp press in there
to remove the old one and install the new one into the upper control arm. Plus no realignment required. Just performed this job on my 2002 Explorer. Used axel grease to lub up the shaft of the ball joint that mounts into the knuckle . It pressed in like butter. Moog makes good stuff (part number K80008 - $45/ ea at Advance ). Got the special tools from Auto Zone- deposit $196 -tool numbers 27165 and 27023. I got more leverage on the C clamp by using my floor jack handle as an extended breaker bar for my ratchet. It gives you gorilla power versus a puny 12" ratchet handle. The first side took me 2+ hours to figure out and the drivers side was done in 1:15. Good luck guys.