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baltimore/annapolis meet and greet?

Yeah, she busted you on that before they could bring anything.

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Well it wasnt me who called for it :D

I should've thrown more peanuts in your table's direction :p: The waitress asked me if I wanted any birthday desert and for 10 seconds I just sat there going "...what?"

Good to see all you old goats and meet the newbs!

I know nothing about that birthday :D

Whose grey truck with the leaf springs in the front is that?

Thats lindsy's sas aka Morgan

That would be Morgan ;)

Here's the best photo I have of all of us:

Didn't realize you had leaf springs up front, and the paint job threw me off, too. Truck looks great. :thumbsup:

I almost forgot, one of these would be awesome:

how might i get my hands on one?