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UPDATED 5/3/2007
BamBam has gone to greener pastures. In April of 2007, I donated BamBam to a lady at our church who was trying to get back on her feet after being released from prison. It's unlikely I'll ever seem him again. He will be sorely missed, but I'm sure that God has more plans for that old bucket.

So long old friend. :salute:

BamBam is a (bad to the) BONE stock '94 XLT 4 Door; stock open 3.27 geared axles, stock A4LD auto tranny, and stock OHV 4.0 V6, all with 170,000 miles and counting. The only modifications have been removing OEM annoyances, like the tupperware trim.

My "before" picture...

...and my "after" picture (what it looks like now).

I suppose you could say that some of my add-ons count as mods, but I disagree.
-31x10.50 Pirelli Scorpion ATs (the BEST AT tire in the world, and they DON'T RUB!)
-Removed front and rear sway bars (Not an add-on, but an importan take-off.)
-SurCo Safari Rack
-K&N drop in filter and drilled air box
-Husky Liner floor mats (strongly recommneded)
-Don't forget the trail essentials... Tool box, tire plug kit, air source, fire extinguisher and...
-Souped up Realistic TLC 427 CB with Little Wil antenna

BamBam has earned it's nick names as the Idiot Stocker and the Littlest Big Dawg. It's name it's also ironic because that's the sound it makes going up trails that lend to more ground clearance. BamBam will usually be found on the Modified runs rather than hanging with Stockers. With careful tire placement, liberal use of the long-skinny-pedal, and a healthy disregard for dents, BamBam can keep up with most "Super-Stocks" and Modifieds on the trail.

Speaking of dents...
Saxton Road, CO

Wheeler Lake, CO

Wheeler Lake, CO

Barnwell Mountain, TX

Barnwell Mountain, TX

Future Mods...
Rock sliders to protect those beautiful rocker panels.
Rearch rear springs or get some used ones. It's a little butt-saggy.
Selectable shocks (RS9000 or something like that)
Raised, cold air intake.
31x10.50 Pirelli Scorpion ATs for a leeeettle bit more clearance.

Last update 5/3/2007

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Nicer Explorer! Stockers can have fun too!

Hey Trint! Good to see your post, tell Tammy I said hi. I hope we can wheel together again! It's a shame you moved to the Dallas area right when I was moving out, rats.

BAM! :hammer: LOL

Hey, another super stocker! Bam Bam and my Ex should get together sometime and talk stuff over about whats its like to be the littlest dog in a big fight but coming up the victor with copious use of the idiot pedal!

Good luck truck man!

Bump Bump. New pictures!!