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Bar Pin Eliminators


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February 7, 2019
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Seward, NE
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2000 Explorer Sport
I'm planning on lowering my '00 Sport about 2-3 inches via adjustable coilovers in the front and blocks in the rear. I'm very happy with the shocks I bought for the front, but I've found there are few adjustable rear shocks that use a bar pin for the upper mounting like 1st and 2nd gens have from the factory.

This led me down the path of bar pin eliminators, for which there are many options, mostly advertised for Jeep Cherokees, but they don't look like anything too special.

Has anyone else installed bar pin eliminators for rear shocks? If so, what kind and what do you like/dislike about them?

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Sweet! I saw an old thread of yours, but it had been dormant since 2015 and I figured you weren't still making/selling them -- glad I was wrong.

Yeah that was the first iteration of the BPE's I made. I never made a for sale post on the new ones other than a few mentions in my build thread and by others who have used them. The new style I make (shown above) are much easier to manufacture so the price is more reasonable.

Brian1, does your bracket include the metal tube that inserts into the shock bushing? I’m trying to make rear ranger ranchos work on the rear of my x but the ranger ranchos have a bushing mounted on just a pin on the frame of the truck so there’s no tube inside the poly bushing. I will need your eliminators but I’ll also need a tube to slide into the bushing.