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Basic tune up


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August 7, 2007
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La Mirada, CA
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'97 Mounty 5.0 AWD

ok, for all the guys out there that just got their used x or mounty's, dont wait a long time to check and do a basic tune-up on your vehichles. i was the 3rd owner for this 10 year old mounty and finally had the time to change the oil, oil filter, install a fipk k&n filter (got it on ebay new for $30 + shipping :biggthump ), plugs, wires and fuel filter 4 days ago and it made a world of a difference on performance and fuel economy. all this only took 4 hours of my time. everything that i changed except the oil filter were still o.e. from the factory 10 years ago! :eek: i called the previous owner and he said that he just changed the oil and that's it...the spark plugs had an average gap of .85 and showed physical signs of being left in the engine for too long, the wires had cracks and the boots were fused with the plugs, fuel filter wouldnt budge since it kinda stuck to its bracket and so on.

it bugs me to know that this mounty of mine never really had its real share of tlc from its past owners. so lesson here is TAKE CARE OF YOUR CARS!! may it be a ford or any other make or model.