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Bass balance.


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November 28, 2009
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'99 Explorer XLT
So, I love these Type X's. They hit like nothing I have heard before in this god-forsaken town. I noticed, they dont hit highs as good as my old Pioneer TSW-302Rs did. Infact, some are non-existent.

Type Xs Frequency response is 200hz, the 302R's is 1000hz.

I'm looking into adding the highbass. (Or midbass)

What would be a good highbass-end woofer?

I've looked into the 10" Type Rs:
New(3 Series) Rs 26-400hz
Old(2 Series) Rs 26-500hz (So, between the 2, I would go with the old ones)
I am not too sure, but I think 500 is still a bit to low.

I just looked at a few. Basicly, what I am looking for is 1 or 2 smaller woofers to provide higher bass to keep up with the Xs. Any recommendations and info are welcome. I am fine with adding an extra 500-1000watt amp, my new alternator should be in before I even make orders for this.

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also, a high powered set of 6x9's in a properly tuned enclosure will do the job of a midbass driver pretty well

Well, first off, you really shouldn't really consider using a subwoofer for frequencies above 80 Hz... That is generally the max you will see one hit and still have good response. Manufacturer's specs may show higher, but it just isn't really practical. In all actuality, most subwoofers peak around 38~55 Hz.

And, what is the cutoff point of your door speakers?
Most people generally set them around 80hz to stop right around the same point the subwoofer takes over, but I have mine set to stop at 60 Hz so you get fill all the way through (My LPF for the subwoofer is set to 70 Hz).

What kind of box do you have for you subwoofers?
Sealed or ported? This may have a result in the lack of response you are seeing.

If you are lacking in midrange sounds, I would look into just adjusting your midrange speakers. It seems like you have plenty of them. You should be gettting plenty of fill-in mid-bass repsonse from them.

Do you know specifically the range of sound you think are missing?
Get a tone generator and hook it up. I personally think it is a tuning issue and not an actual speaker issue.
I see from the equipment in your signature, you got a lot of gear already in there. So, i really don't think you should be lacking anywhere to dramatically.

the 6x8 and 6x9 that i think you have should have all the mid bass you need. i'd look into some 8"s for up front and make them a midbass driver.

come to think of it, might want to start out with an equalizer. even if you still want to add more speakers an equalizer makes a pretty dramatic improvement in the "fullness" of sound you get from your system.

I was thinking about adding an EQ. Ill play around abit. I still have tweeters and a pair of 6x9s I need to put in. Ill definitely look into that EQ tho.

My box is custom built L ported (I made it), built to spec, tuned to 30hz.

A poor example, but you know the highest bass note on the song "Put On - Jeezy & Kanye"? Barely there. I did gain the lowest note with the Type Xs tho... God thats a shaker of a note...

Tuned to 30Hz? Yeah, that thing probably hammers those low notes, but you lose a lot of sound in the upper bass range.

My box is currently tuned to 38hz, and I peak around 45-50 hz. Then you slope off pretty steadily at anything higher. I think when I get to 75 Hz I lose around 10dB. So, I can see how you would be losing a lot of "oomph" in the higher ranges.

Are you sure that an independant EQ would be necessary? Your head unit already provides a seven band EQ built in with ACtive Filters. I think fine tuning your head unit will help a lot. (I Would prefer a digital EQ over a knob one any day) And, with a 4 volt output on the RCA, I don't think you are going to gain much from an independant EQ.

I still think that the missing sound might be from the need of some more fine tuning. Any luck on getting a Tone Generator? I don't see where that unit has an Aux Input, but if it does, and you have a laptop...
You can just download SigJenny, and it will let you play around with specific signals. With that you will be able to really get down and fine tune your EQ to give you all of the sound you need.

get the song Bass I Love You by Basstronics. that song has a really low bass line. also Bass Can You Hear Me by Beat Dominator <--this song slams

get those 6x9's in man, that will make a huge difference. the EQ is a key component in a serious system, atleast if you ask me lol. i really want one but have had a hard time finding exactly what im looking for. i would like one that i could fit in the dash but most of those are only 5 or 7 band. i would like one that is atleast 10. some of them get to be pretty costly too.

X's are SQ subs not SPL, they are designed for a sealed box. i dont know if changing that would get you what you want tho. there was another thread where we got into this topic, i dont remember if you were involved in that. anyways, if you dont know this, a sealed box will actually hit lower and the frequency response is more linear and flat across the frequency range. it might cost you some maximum volume. i'm super partial to sealed boxes so if you're partial to ported then don't mind me, but you are for sure missing out on the incredible SQ capabilities of those subs! i would seriously suggest building a sealed box for them and trying it out for a few days. 1.2 cubic feet per sub and keep the height and depth the same and the width 2x the height/depth. if you hate it you can always sell the box and make some money towards the EQ!

Yeah, I can agree on the importance of an EQ, but if he doesn't get anything greater than a fifteen band, it wouldn't benefit enough to compensate the cost it would involve.

And, agree again on the SQ difference a sealed enclosure can bring you. Sometimes I wish I would have originally built my L5 for a SQ enclosure.
Maybe, when I get my second one, I can rebuild the whole thing in a sealed setup. I already have the design structure, it is just buying the second woofer....

yea i think alot of the EQ's you will find are like 7 band, which doesnt get you anywhere really. ive been looking for one that has small increments for the bass notes, like 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210. something like that. i run my R12 in a sealed box and because of that the lowest notes are at least 5 db lower than its sweet spot so i would love to be able to increase the volume where it begins to drop off so i dont have to turn it up louder on some songs which makes the midbass so much louder than the super low notes if that makes sense. im all about balance.

i have never head an L5/7 in a sealed box, i would be interested to see what kind of SQ that sub is capable of. I have always found them to be extremely efficient SPL subs but somewhat lacking on the SQ side, but then again, every one i have ever seen has been in a huge ported box so its hard to say.

Yeah, I wish I had a 30-band. That would be nice, but I just can't justify the extra $200-300 expense.

The L5 is actually designed for sealed enclosures.

There is a nifty tutorial (DIY-AudioCorner) that basically takes the Parameters and lets you configure the appropriate enclosure. Now, in the tutorial, it does state that any woofer can be used in any type of enclosure and still sound good. But, even Kicker's Owners Manual for the L5 uses the following phrase:
  • "Ported Solo-Barics? Absolutely...and with a vengeance!"
The original Solo-Baric (The old fashioned Round ones) were recommended sealed, and these were designed to close the same parameters. Just with the new stronger construction, these are able to withhold the extra abuse given to them by a ported setup.

30 band! that would be sweet. but yea, thats not in the budget for me at the moment. i think my next audio upgrade is going to be a layer of fatmat (cheaper version of dyna mat) which is $130 for 100 square feet. after that i'll find an EQ.

there must be a digital EQ on the market. but i bet its pricey

There are several digitals, but the digitals comes with less band opportinuties.

The Kicker KQ30 is the one I was looking into...

But, honestly, I think I am going to settle for the Kicker KQ9.

The 30band would be nice, but the change on the fly ability will be nicer. Not having the controls up front would kill me.

And, yeah, for a 15 band digital, you are looking at an easy $300.


i like that KQ30 but i would need 3 of them..... i run 3 pairs of RCA's from my head unit. front, rear, sub. this is the biggest reason i have yet to find something to suit my needs. for me i think the best bet is going to be upgrading to digital amps with EQ's built in. no way i would give up my fade/balance controls or the subwoofer volume control.

thread jack.....sorry

Well, if you are looking for a multi-amp EQ, you can go with...
Soundstream MPQ-7XO...
With this unit, you do one set of RCA from the HU to the Processor. Just use your "Front" option with no filters engaged in the HU. Then it allows you to run three RCA out the back of it. Front, Rear, and Sub.



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i actually looked at that one a while back, it is almost what i want but its severely limited, only 3 and 4 bands. my main concern is having the low bass bands to correct the db drop off at the bottom end. there is a pretty sweet device for my head unit that lets you control all of this stuff and it has a microphone you connect to a laptop to set up the staging in your specific vehicle.


and this

alpine is the bombbbbbb