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Bass Shakers


March 25, 2003
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Stratham, NH
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2018 Explorer XLT
Well I ordered 2 Aura Bass Shakers for 25 each off of in hopes that maybe they would give me the pounding bass that i was looking for. I bought a cheap 200W amp from Wal-Mart cause i heard that they don't need a great amp. I have heard a lot of reviews from people that used them in their homes under their couches. I mounted one on my drivers seat and one on the pass. seat., hooked them up to the amp and ran all wires (wiring kit from wal mart=$20 speaker wire=$10) I put in a bass test cd and damn! these things frigin hump hard. I put on the bass boost on the amp and turned the gain up all the way and they are awesome. These would compliment a 10" sub perfectly. I feel the same boom that i feel in my buddy's bronco w/2 12" subs. If anybody would like a write up on how I installed these, let me know!

hey do u just feel the bass or do u actually hear it also.

Its more of the feeling you would get from a large sub. You can hear it a bit as well. I was in the back adjusting the gain on the amp and could hear a noticalbe difference as i turned it up. Also i got the pro's that are 50W RMS compared to the regular ones that are like 25 rms or something like that.