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Battery Cover 2002?


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March 4, 2010
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San Juan Puerto Rico
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Sport Track 02
Guys I need ti replace the positive cable or at least part of it. but my battery keeps jumping cause I don't have a cover. I just went to auto zone and get those clamps but need to get it back cause theres no were to attach them due to the plastic bottom were the batt rests. any suggestions on this solution. I live in Puerto Rico and theres a lot of bad pavement and keeps jumping and the :( comes to the poles and ruin them.

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You don't need the cover as long as you have the correct size battery. The plastic clip that bolts to the battery tray and the lip on the battery.

My truck came second hand from a dealer, so theres no plastic clips and so on just the batt hanging in there, thats why I asked for cover or something. wwere i can find this clips?

You can find them in any car or truck, one from a '95-01 Explorer, '97-01 Mountaineer, '01-03 Explorer Sport, '93-10 Ranger will match what you need. The factory battery cover doesn't fit some aftermarket batteries.

thanks for that info!! really appreciated!!!

No problem, good luck.

For the mean time you could probably hold it down with a strap or bungee cord until you can find what you need.