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Battery discharge problem


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November 24, 2001
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Livingston, NJ
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'96 XLT 2WD

I've got an Explorer and usually ask my questions in other forums. However, my father has an older Camry that keeps losing battery charge. He's 150 miles away so I can't diagnose in person easily.

Whoever is working on his car is either inept or dishonest. First they got him for an injector replacement when the car wouldn't start. Then they came back an gave him a charge. Third time (recently) they replaced the battery and alternator. Now the battery's discharged again! He supposedly drives the car a couple times a week. I've asked if he maybe left on an interior light or something, but he doesn't think his age it's hard to get a proper answer.

I'm thinking either some device is left on or perhaps a short / exposed wire...but I'd think that would cause a fuse to blow. I understand a jump start was tried, but I doubt it was done properly. I don't have all the details yet, but was wondering if anyone has an idea of what to look for in this case.


Improper jump starting with the cables reversed can blow the diode pack and cause the alternator to discharge the battery with the engine off. It's kind of hard to tell without more specifics what is actually wrong... Could be something as simple as a glove box light stuck on. Maybe he should find a different shop?