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Battery light on (Fixed)


April 24, 2021
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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2010, Ford explorer xlt
After doing some engine repairs, Battery light came on, Few drops of oil fell down on alternator and I did use brake cleaner spray to clean out the oil. I checked belt, ground, hot wire all look good. Alternator output is 13.6-13.7 which seems bit lower. Is that possible reason for battery light? Tried to look for alternator fuse but couldn’t find one.

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Either your dash light is controlled by the PCM or has a setup like this. It is pretty simple. One of the alternator wires may have a bad connection. Do you have two or three pins on the alternator harness?

I checked alternator harness which is three pin and only one wire hot, even if car is running or switch on still only one wire hot. Is it suppose to be two wire voltage while switch on?

Check harness split (kinda crimp/glued splices behind insulation)areas.also you will need to check wire resistances including grounds.
Keep going with battery charge lamp on will ruin your charge regulator

Solved! It was broken wire just 25cm before alternator harness. I followed alternator wire which end to harness close to battery. After testing all three harness wires I found out that one has no connection. Once fixed alternator output voltage is back to 14.5v.