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Battery post connector pic needed


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February 15, 2008
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New Lenox, Illinois
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'06 Eddie Bauer V8 4WD
Hi all - had to jump start my 06 Eddie Bauer V8 this evening and, in doing so, noticed something seemed off with the cable connections to the battery. Can anyone please provide me a couple close up, high res pics of the battery post connectors, both positive and negative? It looks like there's some sort of funky jerry-rigged connection going on with mine. I bought this 06 EB V8 last week from the original owner, and he certainly didn't seem like the type that would have rigged something up, but it just doesn't seem right - seems too flimsy. I've had a couple Explorers in the past but just can't remember what the post connectors looked like. It seems like the positive and negative cables are cramped on to some sort of ring connector, and then that's attached to the batter post... Can anyone provide me a couple good pics of each post on there stock connection? Preferably a V8, but I'm guessing the V6 probably had the same cables / connectors...

Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:

Picture 723.jpg

Picture 724.jpg

Picture 725.jpg

Picture 726.jpg

On Neg pic the small wire is not stock(battery tender) same as Pos pic. She is in storage....

Awesome - thanks for the quick and great pics!