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Battery Terminal


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September 2, 2006
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Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
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2001 Sport Trac
I want to run 4 gauge power wire to the back of the truck to the amp. How can I get away with not cutting the stock end off of the pos battery terminal to connect it? I cannot seem to find a battery terminal that will use the stock top post mount & a 4 gauge ring terminal.

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Welcome to this forum! Connect your 4 gauge terminal to the starter solenoid's post, then run your new cable to the back of the truck. Are you rerouting your battery to the rear, or making something else?

i just use this style of terminal and put ring terminals on all my wires...easy to connect and disconnect.


There is a fuse next to your power distribution block under the hood that has two 10mm nuts that hold it on. It has a hinged cover on it. I put my accessory wires under those nuts and it works great. I think your sport trac will have a similar box. I can post pics if you need.

I saw those 2 10mm nuts, but is that going to be enough power?

Even if you dont want to put them at the accessory nuts, you can still use the same type of terminal shown above (either gold plated,marine,etc) and buy a stinger cable connector with eyelet on it to attach to the threaded post. You can buy those to hold 0 gauge cables. Which is what I have on my car.

tentonhammer said:
I saw those 2 10mm nuts, but is that going to be enough power?

Id check the cable that feeds them and see how large it is. My amp isn't all that big, so it wasnt a concern for me.

Its 4 guage power wire, for the mtx thunderform sport trac box w/amplifier.....300 watts.

For a 300 watt amp that should be plenty. A 4 gauge power wire is overkill for an amp that size. You should be good to go.