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Well, I did it again. I convinced my parents to pick up an Explorer and get rid of that detestable Heep. Thanks to Russell, I was able to procure Baxter Bandit from him and already it has made quite an impression.

1996 Eddie Bauer
5.0 V8
Saddle Tan Leather interior
255/70/16's on Sport Trac wheels
Rare built in child's seat


New water pump
Newer radiator
New thermostat
Oil change - Valvoline High mileage 10w-30 w/ STP oil filter.





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Took Baxter to the car wash today to try and clean him up a bit. Not totally successful but he does look a lot better. I am also really digging the sunroof and the powerful v8. I think there may be a future swap in mind for Red Bull. ;)



Russell really helped me get this thing going when i picked it up from him. He practically replaced the water pump, radiator and thermostat himself. I just drank some cider and held the whip. :p: I really had a great time and brought home some pieces that may go on Baxter after a little work is done.

Dan, Im glad Baxter Bandit has a good home and a group of great folks to take care of him! Im sorry i didnt have all those repairs done sooner, but alas, we got it done and baxter took you home! I cant wait to see what all you do with him!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Pic of the child seat? congrats on the purchase :thumbsup:

congrads on purchase

Well its maintenance time for Baxter. He has slowly gotten worse in the MPG area (probably because I didn't have time to replace the plugs) and the brakes were feeling mushy. I finally got around to replacing the plugs today, well half, the ones that were sent home with me by Russell decided to hide themselves. Anyways, I was really scared about snapping a spark plug because of how much effort it was taking to get them out. Fortunately, no breakage yet. (knock on wood) I also found out that the brake pads were worn out completely and on the passenger side they cut a groove in the rotor. Perfect. :rolleyes: I did have some problems getting the rotor off, but it dawned on me how to remove it with a minimum of fuss.

First I used my 6" c clamp (the one I use for the calipers) and slid it over the rotor. I then screwed on a lug nut and placed the end of the clamp inside it on the stud. After a few turns on the clamp, I loosened one side of the rotor. I repeated it on the other side and the thing popped right off. Me likey!

Anyways, I'm still in the process of getting things replaced so I should be done by tomorrow. I am just waiting on getting the rest of the parts.

Worked till 1:30 am to finish Baxter up. It wasn't the plugs I was fighting, but the connectors! Those things were welded on there. I fought with one for an hour. Had to tear into the boot with a knife to get to the connector so I had something to get a grip on. Fortunately the plugs were just worn and not toasted, like some 5.0's I've seen on here.

One thing about duralast wires. They are all different sizes than the originals. Took a bit of time to get it sorted out. Also the pink booted ones that go on the driver's side have a different connector and you have to really push it on the spark plug to get it to snap. Screwed up a wire connector before finding that out in time. :rolleyes:

Anyways, new brake pads on the front and new plugs an wires all around...sans cylinder 4 which got a new plug but an old wire because I accidentally trashed the new one.

So I dont know if Dan has mentioned But Baxter is now at Bandit Customs getting some work done just like the Jack. Ill let Kris update his part, but I have a feeling Baxter is getting memory seat upgrade this weekend ::wink wink:: :eek:

So Dans parents brought me Baxter to get some work done. He was in need of some TLC. Plus he needed to be ready for safety and emissions inspection.

Driver side CV shaft
Compete suspension rebuild
complete brake job
engine oil change
trans oils change
EGR System repair
O2 Sensor
Seat leather repaired
headliner recover
New tires
State Inspection
Correct leaky Sunroof
Reroute spark plug wires to correct the misfire
Replaced the Radio
MAC induction cleaning
remove and adjust passenger fender

Another request was to add Memory Seats to this Explorer so Russell did that part.

Here are the Photos from the final results.












I'm so jealous of that driver's seat. Mine is cracking and creasing :(

Beautiful truck man. I jealous of a lot of things on it!