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BBK Throttle Body-Poor Kickdown Cause

93'XLT 4X4

January 1, 2002
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Fairfax, Va.
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'93 XLT
I was wondering if anyone else with a BBK throttle body has experienced this problem. You install the BBK throttle body and get good throttle response, but later you start to get poor kickdown and throttle response. The cause could be, as I experienced, that the screw that holds in the throttle body spring assembly is slighty loose, so that when the accelerator is pushed to the floor, it takes the kickdown out of adjustment because it wobbles slighty to the side and the kickdown cable is self adjusting.

After installing my BBK, I at first liked the inproved acceleration, but my X started to develope poor kickdown and throttle response and being driven 10 or 20 miles. I though my trans was going out, but the fluid is a nice bright red. I have 85,000 miles on it and it could be time. However, I noticed that if you turn on the ignition and push the pedal to the floor several times with the engine off and stone cold, it readjusted the kickdown for a time, until again I kicked down and it would take out the adjustment because of the spring assembly wobbling.

However, I tightened the screw that holds in the spring assembly, and now it does not wobble and my trans seems a lot better. I have good kickdown now. I just though I would post this in case anyone else experienced the same problem.


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Congrats on the fix! I haven't noticed any problems with mine though. I'm gonna go look at the TB in a bit though :)

What I noticed is that when I pushed back on the throttle cable spring plate, it wobbled to the left a little more than an 1/8 of an inch. Tightening the screw that holds the plate and spring assembly in kept it from wobbling, and now kickdown stays the same and throttle response is better. I thought my trans was going out because it felt like it was tired and worn out after being on the highway for 30 or 45 minutes. It seems a lot better now. I just hope that this has not worn out the trans prematurely.


Where's this little screw your talking about? Mine does the same thing, won't kickdown that well at all. I think I need your fix.


Which screw are you talking about??

I think he's talking about the 10mm screw on the passenger side of the TB. It's the screw that holds the thing that holds the cable is the best way I can put it.

Anyway, I loosened the screw up on mine, because when it's too tight, the throttle won't open or close easily AT ALL. And now that it's looser, it kicksdown (closes) a little better, but not well enough. It's still not kicking down to 600-700 rpm like it's supposed to because the springs are too weak to close the throttle plate. I'm beginning to think this BBK TB is a royal p.o.s. and may well exchange it--this is round 2 with it.