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BD's 2000 Explorer Limited

2000 Explorer Limited

-Picked her up (10/13/2010)
-140,093 miles when I test drove it
-5.0 V8, AWD
-Pearl White
-Dark grey leather interior

My dream explorer basically, no more old ones, no more sports, I finally have an Explorer that I love everything about!

I absolutely love the limited, its got:
-Seats w/ headrests
-Memory power seats
-Heated/Puddle mirrors
-Better mirror without all the buttons, just the slider
-Painted to match bumpers and grille
-Woodgrain radio bezel
-Digital HVAC controls
-And its got the homelink visor with a nifty little voice recorder that I will probably never use LOL

And alot more, but im just in awe over its nice features compared to my previous rides. They even recently (In the past few months) had a brand new hitch installed and the trailer harness all wired up.

I dont have any set plans for this one yet, I do have hopes and dreams though, and im stoked about the V8 that has so many options.

Dream list:
-Torque Monster headers
-Custom Tune
-LED tails (Something custom maybe, I just need to study up on resistors and whatnot)
-BMW projectors in a blacked out housing

It does have a few problems that id like some help with, (Fixed all, besides this one)
1. The blower only works when its on all the way high, (Same thing in my grandam, but it was the blower motor resistor then everything worked great) is that a common problem on the digital HVACs?

"For sure" plans include:
-New rims, id like to get a nice 5-spoke set of 20's with a beefy tire
-Paint job in the spring, black
-Some interior accents (Id like todo another metallic blue color like I did in my grandam)

He was asking 3400$ in the ad, but I talked him and his wife down to 2900$ because I was pointing all the little problems out that I mentioned above.

I didnt get a chance to really take any pictures, as it was raining, and almost dark by the time I got home.




I was bored on the way home so I took some random "driving" pictures :D


My friend was driving my Grand Am in front of me, I have a Avic-F700BT in there that will also be going into the Explorer, he was using the GPS to get us back home

I was extremely happy also, I was averaging 16.2 MPG driving with a decently heavy foot getting the feel for the V8 I was controlling :D


Edit- 1/21/11
New parts!

Tie rod ends
Lower ball joints
Upper ball joints (Control arms)
Tires: Firestone Destination A/T's 255/70/R16's
Brake Pads

Slotted (And drilled maybe) Rotors
Better pads
New shocks
Amsoil (In everything!)
Rebuilding tranny (And possibly a valve body kit)

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After :)






This is the only spot that I couldnt fully get out :(

Heres how shes sittin now

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Sorry the bottom pictures are lower quality, the upper ones were with my phone (5MP), and the lowers were with my iPod, my phone was dead, and my cig lighter wont work!

Oh, and about those "Limited" wheels, the ad had 23" posted ALL over it, not just once like a typo, it was on there 4-5 times; then he sent me the tire size which was a 22" and I didnt even catch that. Not sure if anyone else did.

So since theyre 22's im guessing they should probably fit with just trimming the wheel wells?

Hes most likely gonna work out a payment plan with me for about 100$ a month (Or more if I have it)

Got some goodies today :)



Good stuff mate!!! Did you get a good price on the freight?

Actually they UPS'ed it, it was 140 I think? Not too shabby :) now to find someone to install it for under 400...

Cool, it's there.

keep up good work brian

Thanks Sam.

Im bummed though, the guy retracted his "250$" quote to swap my transmissions out, he wants 400$ now PLUS my fluid. (He claims that alot can break when removing/installing a trans so 400$ and everything is covered)

In my eyes: If you know what your doing, nothing should break/go wrong. Thats just one of those statements for the average person who thinks "OMG! Theyre totally right, no other shops told me that so ill definitely have you do it!"

Idk, im just in a stuck-boat about installing this. Theres no way in hell im gonna do it myself, this is just one thing I dont trust, plus I dont have the money to fix something if it does go wrong. I guess ill just wait it out a couple more weeks and see who else I can find.

Hell, if there were any members on here from MI or northern OH that would want todo the swap id pay 300$ (Plus bring my own fluid)

Im also wondering, if Amsoil/Royal Purple full synth. is almost 10$ a quart, its gonna be over 100$ for the fluid alone, what IF something went wrong and the trans had to be dropped; or the pan? Theres +100$ down the drain (Almost literally). Should I use conventional ATF for the first week or so to make sure everything is okay?

Add a drain plug to save the fluid....Why not do the vb upgrades to your trans and see if it solves your shifting issues. If it doesn't put the upgraded vb in the new trans.

I'd start with an inexpensive fluid first. Get it running and stable, and when you can then go back to do the VB etc, and swap fluids.

When you R&R the VB, that will get all of the fluid out except for what's left in the lines and TC. The TC has a plug in it so you can get that extra 2 quarts too.

The Walmart off brand fluid will work, though I don't like it. I bought a gallon of that when I had to put my Explorer's V6 5R55E pan etc, back together, to move it into my driveway. I sucked old fluid from my 4R70W to top off the V6 trans, and then filled the 4R trans with the cheap new Walmart fluid. It'll do for a while. I wouldn't use it for a weak trans or a long term keeper.

How easy is the TC to get to with the trans in though? I thought the trans pretty much hides the TC?

Anyways, does anyone know what this is for? Im not sure if theres one on the drivers side, but this is behind the passenger side seatbelt panel by the floor. Its not plugged into anything besides a dummy socket just to hold it...

I cant believe how filthy the FLOOR was!
The left side is cleaned, the right side hadnt been yet:

Now it is:)

I also thought it would be a smart idea to maybe "rust proof" it down there too, or at least some preventative rust maintinence (Rustoleum)

I sprayed all the seat bolts, and bolt holes, and then all the seams.


Im hoping to get some new (shorter) RCA's, and 0 gauge wiring by this weekend so I can run it under the carpet. 0 would literally be impossible to run along the trim, which is why I havent done it yet. I even have about 6' of 0 left for my alternator to my battery, and a couple long strands of 4 gauge for ground spots.

The 4R70W has a TC access hole/plug in the bottom of the bell housing. The TC plug will line up with that hole.

That looks like the side airbag connectors, but they are all yellow I thought. Is it empty in the plug, or are there metal terminals? It would be a resistor if it's for the airbags.

Have you decided where the best way is to run the RCA and power cables? I'm going to place my three amp under the back seats, so I was planning the RCA cables to go along the console.

Put some sound deadening down if you can.

I just ordered 25' of 0 gauge at DT (60$ for a really good flexible type he said the name but I cant remember. I really want todo dynamat but I don't wanna shell out another 140$ before I get the trans done that's top priority. I'm gonna run the RCAs more towards the passenger side, of the console and the poer wire along the drivers side but still keeping them away from eachother. I'm gonna keep the 4 gauge I have now too for later whenever I install a 4 channel amp. I tell you what, I want todo so much with the carpet out lol, run new amp wire, rcas, dynamat, now would also be the time to run new speaker wire and another set of rcas for the 4 channel amp even!

Funny, I've got a pile of parts too.

Uh-ph, Joe told me well done, so it must look good :p:

I can safely say thank you again, because I would have literally never just randomly thought of/tried that. I figured there'd be so much more involved to taking the carpet out.

I was showin my buddy Brandon pics (The one who has a green Ranger) and he wants todo his this weekend so I told him id help him. I bet we'll have his interior out in under 30 minutes, hes got the shorty console, and the fold away rear seats :)

Don- What do you mean by you have a pile of parts too? Im confused :( Not that thats a shocker though :D

MAN I found some deals on Dynamat! I searched craigslist thinking someone would have some, but no luck.

I google "shopped" it and found the interior kit for 70$ it has 5 18"x32" sheets, I wonder if thatd be enough for my whole floor?

Kits normally prices $180+ slashed down to 70$

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The Dynamat is the most expensive brand, get it if you can find a deal. There are a few other good choices, I read of them here IIRC. You'd have to search to find those old threads.

I've got parts for mine to do, the new engine/trans, speakers, amps, air compressor, XP8 bumpers and wing, 03+ hatch glass(wiper on glass), new bigger calipers, Limited door panels, memory seat modules/tracks, and two seats. Where to begin, I also have a bunch of new trim pieces to put on with the body and paint work.