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BD's 2000 Explorer Limited

2000 Explorer Limited

-Picked her up (10/13/2010)
-140,093 miles when I test drove it
-5.0 V8, AWD
-Pearl White
-Dark grey leather interior

My dream explorer basically, no more old ones, no more sports, I finally have an Explorer that I love everything about!

I absolutely love the limited, its got:
-Seats w/ headrests
-Memory power seats
-Heated/Puddle mirrors
-Better mirror without all the buttons, just the slider
-Painted to match bumpers and grille
-Woodgrain radio bezel
-Digital HVAC controls
-And its got the homelink visor with a nifty little voice recorder that I will probably never use LOL

And alot more, but im just in awe over its nice features compared to my previous rides. They even recently (In the past few months) had a brand new hitch installed and the trailer harness all wired up.

I dont have any set plans for this one yet, I do have hopes and dreams though, and im stoked about the V8 that has so many options.

Dream list:
-Torque Monster headers
-Custom Tune
-LED tails (Something custom maybe, I just need to study up on resistors and whatnot)
-BMW projectors in a blacked out housing

It does have a few problems that id like some help with, (Fixed all, besides this one)
1. The blower only works when its on all the way high, (Same thing in my grandam, but it was the blower motor resistor then everything worked great) is that a common problem on the digital HVACs?

"For sure" plans include:
-New rims, id like to get a nice 5-spoke set of 20's with a beefy tire
-Paint job in the spring, black
-Some interior accents (Id like todo another metallic blue color like I did in my grandam)

He was asking 3400$ in the ad, but I talked him and his wife down to 2900$ because I was pointing all the little problems out that I mentioned above.

I didnt get a chance to really take any pictures, as it was raining, and almost dark by the time I got home.




I was bored on the way home so I took some random "driving" pictures :D


My friend was driving my Grand Am in front of me, I have a Avic-F700BT in there that will also be going into the Explorer, he was using the GPS to get us back home

I was extremely happy also, I was averaging 16.2 MPG driving with a decently heavy foot getting the feel for the V8 I was controlling :D


Edit- 1/21/11
New parts!

Tie rod ends
Lower ball joints
Upper ball joints (Control arms)
Tires: Firestone Destination A/T's 255/70/R16's
Brake Pads

Slotted (And drilled maybe) Rotors
Better pads
New shocks
Amsoil (In everything!)
Rebuilding tranny (And possibly a valve body kit)

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I know right?

If I remember correctly, all we have todo is snip one pin off of the fog relay right? Id like to get on eBay and make ads for 5$ on "Fogs on with Highbeams" ill send an instant email upon payment :p:


God I need to touch up my hood, it looks awful :(

Those are where I mounted the lights, theyre 6000K, and wired on theyre own (Not with my headlights/foglights) They are bright as hell, so they'll be nice for all the backroads im on everynight.

And my passenger side low beam, I really dont know why it looks purple :dunno: lol, its not like that in person

That purple in the picture does look kind of cool tho' mate! Done well with those babies, sweet install.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thanks Lynchy!

I got off work, and went straight to the 12:01am "Fast Five" showing, I have to say that that is the best movie I have EVER seen. Hands down. Im a die hard F&F fan as it is, but that blows away any movie ive ever seen. Kept us on the edge of our seats the whole way through, had a few BIG turns and surprises, and a GREAT ending. (Something I havent seen in a movie in a looooong time)

I am putting away the fact that 5 second gen Explorers are totalled in it :(

looks good brian keep up good work

Oooh that does look good.

Fix your hood. :p

And was F&F really that good? I'm excited. Me and some of my friends are going tonight to see it. How lonely were you in the theater? lol.

Lmao, well I met Frank and his brother, and I picked up my GF before I went so I wasnt lonely at all, then my buddy Andy showed up, my buddy Tyler from work and his GF, so yea it was all good :)

Lol nice find ;) Im here to help if you need some advice or installation help on your audio :D

Oh and thanks sam:thumbsup: :)

Todays payday and I couldnt resist!


I literally put these ones in while I was still parked at the JY parking lot :D

I had the gear indicator but wasnt about to put that in, I was hot and wanted to leave.
I also got sick of the gunmetal colored bezel REAL fast, and decided to switch it out for my old black one. Looks way better now, along with the gear indicator and my LEDs in also:thumbsup:

(Plus the plastic on these had a nice spot that was like roughed up and looked fugly, you can see it over the tach)

I have a full time working tach now! :)


124 on the clock :p:


Props on the black bezel- I didn't like the gunmetal on the white gauges either, I always used my black bezel.

Funny thing is, when I put the black gauges in, I like the gunmetal one on there better than the black. Weird...

No kidding!?

I was literally thinking the same thing when I swapped it!


I definitely like those white gauges a lot more.

So Brian, how about you meet me and my buddy Alan at the Old Country Buffet tonight?

I sent you my number, so if you're up to it, give me a shout, cuz I have to go to Auburn Hills for work, but I'll be back home around 2ish, but I won't be able to check EF as my laptop broke a few weeks ago and now we have no computer at home.

I would love to man, but im going into work right now, until probably midnight or later :(

Ill check my work sched. for this week, and hopefully I dont work every damn day next weekend! (When I work its 5:45pm-11:15/12am)

good work brian

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What do you do for work, Brian?

I wanna see your truck in person dammit!

And I really want to check out your headlights because I want to order me a set like those ones, but I wanna check the quality out and what not.