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BD's 2000 Explorer Limited

2000 Explorer Limited

-Picked her up (10/13/2010)
-140,093 miles when I test drove it
-5.0 V8, AWD
-Pearl White
-Dark grey leather interior

My dream explorer basically, no more old ones, no more sports, I finally have an Explorer that I love everything about!

I absolutely love the limited, its got:
-Seats w/ headrests
-Memory power seats
-Heated/Puddle mirrors
-Better mirror without all the buttons, just the slider
-Painted to match bumpers and grille
-Woodgrain radio bezel
-Digital HVAC controls
-And its got the homelink visor with a nifty little voice recorder that I will probably never use LOL

And alot more, but im just in awe over its nice features compared to my previous rides. They even recently (In the past few months) had a brand new hitch installed and the trailer harness all wired up.

I dont have any set plans for this one yet, I do have hopes and dreams though, and im stoked about the V8 that has so many options.

Dream list:
-Torque Monster headers
-Custom Tune
-LED tails (Something custom maybe, I just need to study up on resistors and whatnot)
-BMW projectors in a blacked out housing

It does have a few problems that id like some help with, (Fixed all, besides this one)
1. The blower only works when its on all the way high, (Same thing in my grandam, but it was the blower motor resistor then everything worked great) is that a common problem on the digital HVACs?

"For sure" plans include:
-New rims, id like to get a nice 5-spoke set of 20's with a beefy tire
-Paint job in the spring, black
-Some interior accents (Id like todo another metallic blue color like I did in my grandam)

He was asking 3400$ in the ad, but I talked him and his wife down to 2900$ because I was pointing all the little problems out that I mentioned above.

I didnt get a chance to really take any pictures, as it was raining, and almost dark by the time I got home.




I was bored on the way home so I took some random "driving" pictures :D


My friend was driving my Grand Am in front of me, I have a Avic-F700BT in there that will also be going into the Explorer, he was using the GPS to get us back home

I was extremely happy also, I was averaging 16.2 MPG driving with a decently heavy foot getting the feel for the V8 I was controlling :D


Edit- 1/21/11
New parts!

Tie rod ends
Lower ball joints
Upper ball joints (Control arms)
Tires: Firestone Destination A/T's 255/70/R16's
Brake Pads

Slotted (And drilled maybe) Rotors
Better pads
New shocks
Amsoil (In everything!)
Rebuilding tranny (And possibly a valve body kit)

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I was looking at how much limited rims are going for on eBay (Not selling mine, just curious), and this thing came up!

Likely story... :D

Seriously- who buys this s**t?!?

Lol im serious Joe, type 2000 Explorer Limited Rims it should be there :D stereo one had thee bigest sale. I splurged so bad, 4 remote starts, one 2 way remote start, pioneer 6.5" component speakers, 7 color underbody LED kit, all for under 200$ a 25$ gift card just for going there.

^Thats just what I got, they had Pioneer door speakers, 40$ a pair, Alpines for 40$, all kinds of nice headunits, and double dins for 60%+ off normal price, dual 12"/10"/15" sub boxes for 15$, GPSes for 19$, total kits (Subs, box, amp, wires) for under 200$, 12" subs for 8$, JVC car stereos for 30$, sooooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff!

What happened to calling me next time they had a sale, Brian?


When I traded my Evo for a 3D Evo, I lost a lot of numbers!


I will never buy regular speakers again. I knew there was gonna be a little better sound quality with these Pioneer components, but I can't even explain how good they sound! I can pretty much turn my HU all the way up wiout distortion, it's crisp very clean sound...I recommend component setups to anybody now!

OK NEED OPINIONS! I have 4 systems here. One of them is gonna get installed in my X.

Obviously not the 2 cheaper one-button remote start only systems, but I have a Clifford 20.5x (2-Way system), and then a Clifford 1.2 1-way system.

2 way on the left, 1 way on the right (Obv)

Im wondering what one of these 2 to install. I really just dont care for the big honkin 2 way remote, I love the fact that its 2 way, but damn its big!

The 2 way doesnt have any kind of horn/alarm chirp system, whereas the 1 way hooks into the horn (Or I can buy a little siren module that chirps).

The one way has 2 identical remotes, with 5 buttons, and I fully plan on using the AUX signals, for my rear defroster, AND another one to roll down the windows.

Im leaning more towards the 1 way to be honest, the 2 way screen is just too "outdated" if that makes sense?

Gotta get a 2nd key made and programmed, but I'm gonna keep the 1-way system.

Anyways, had a great day yesterday, rear passenger tire blew out on my way to work, I was about a quarter mile away so I just limped it there, had a buddy come pick me up when I got off and we w net to my house to get my stockers to put back on (:() and the tire had made it's way almost off the damn bead or whatever it's called, so I used the air pump at work, luckily got it to re-pop back on and air up, but there's a tiny hole so we just put the stocks back on for now.

This may sound stupid, but I miss the way she drives and rides with the bigger rims, lol. Plus she's about 2-2.5" taller with the 22's, so I feel like a little guy driving.

You need three keys at least. With only one key, you cannot add new keys yourself. There must be two keys available already programmed, to add any new ones. Thus you need at least three programmed keys, in case you lose one. With only two, you can't afford to lose one. It's not cheap or easy to pay to have a key programmed by the special machine.

Well that ruined my night...I only have one key, its not the original, and I found out a couple months ago that it wont even work in my doors :(

So I'm SOL is what your basically saying? Is there anyway to buy a new ignition with the PATS keys already programmed or anything like that?

The PATS module will store up to eight key codes, and only the machine Ford has can access the module to change anything without two programmed keys in hand. The machine Ford uses basically just erases the existing codes, which then allows any new key to be added, one at a time.

So unless you were so lucky that there is just the one key code in the PATS, your key, you have to have one of the other keys, or erase them all(Ford tool). The process only takes 10-20 minutes if the machine they use works the first time, it isn't hard for them to do.

I suggest acquiring the three keys you want to use, make the key cylinders all match the keys, and then take it to Ford to have them wipe the PATS memory.

Well that ruined my night...I only have one key, its not the original, and I found out a couple months ago that it wont even work in my doors :(

Are you sure that the cylinders aren't just seized from not being used?

That's what I was thinking- I know the cylinders didn't work in Shamrock and I honestly don't know if they ever did- I never used them, so not sure if they just gummed up and won't turn, or if the ignition was changed, because it was an aftermarket key.

Are you sure that the cylinders aren't just seized from not being used?

That's a good thought. My driver's door was really hard to make move the first time, I also rarely use it. I sprayed lubricant in it, I'm not sure what I used, likely PB-Blaster. It works better now, just a little stiff.

Put the key in after spraying inside it, wiggle the key side to side and slightly up and down as you do that. If you can get it to turn either way, then the key is correct for it.

I never thought about that...when I get home later I'll definitely have to try.

Havent found my can of PB yet, and I slept most of today away so I havent really had much time to try it.

Anyways, im sick of my rear end sag, AND gangster lean. I want new leafs and shocks asap.
Im ready to shell out the cash, but im kind of confused on buying leaf springs.

I found for 164$ on RockAuto:
"DAYTON Part # 43967 Sold individually
Rear; 3/1 = 4 Leaf, 1 7/8" Pack Thickness, 1250lb Per Spring Rating"

Does that mean its gonna cost me 164$ PER leaf and X leafs per side!? Isnt there like 3 on each side? (Sorry, bear with me here, leafs are all new to me). Or is that 164$ per side? I can deal with that...I guess but if its gonna be 400$ in leafs per side, PLUS paying a shop...kiss my ass! I dont want to attempt these myself, If they werent original, at 160k miles, then maybe, but theyre probably a bit rusty. I hear nothing but horror stories about getting the shackles off, and the bushing or whatever it is.

OR - Would it be possible todo a TT up front, to lower the front end to match, and then lower the passenger side a tad more to even out the lean?

Would that have any downfalls, like messing up my alignment, premature wear, etc?

yeah your alignment would be out of wack

From what it looks like to me it is each pack is sold by itself, not each leaf. You could lower with the TT but would your tires clear? I honestly didn't find the leaf swap too bad. I took all the bolts out by hand. Local shops around here quoted me 150-200 for the labor depending on how smooth it went. Couldn't pull that off so I did it myself.

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Pack as in like one whole side?

I may try it myself, but definitely not at my house. My buddy is in the process of moving, and half his tools are still all packed up.

I was also reading alot of posts saying to grab used ones since they usually have alot of life left in them, but I figure if im doing the work to replace them, I actually want them to last.

As for my tires clearing, im honestly not sure man, wheel well, yes; but turning, and clearing, :dunno: