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Bear Swamp Mud Bog, West Michigan


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January 7, 2006
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Middleville, MI (Gun Lake)
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93 Explorer Sport
hey fellows their is a local mud bog happenin this weekend (MAy 21),
i believe it is $10 to get in and u can play all day, it is near allegan/ Hopkins area, we have about 6 trucks goin in my group

anybody interested

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Make sure that you modify the air intake on you X if thers is much water in the bogg. Just pul the tobe from the filter box.

Local mud boggs are a ball.

yeah i got that part covered

You have oviously bogged before. Another trick I have been meaning to try is the 2-liter bottle over the starter and alternator. I dont know about your mud but ours kills them.

2 liter bottle? never heard of this, tell me more, therefore i have had to remove my voltage regulator and clean it out several times, but no starter probs as of yet,

If you cut of the end of a two liter bottle you can make a shield. You may need to trim or slit it to get it to fit. You should also pick up several cans of electric parts cleaners to spray out the alturnator. I smoked the bearings on my last on one with just a couple passes through a bogg. Thank god for Auto zone lifetime warrenty.





man even after spendin $15 at the quarter car wash and its still only half clean
with in the first 5 minutes i managed to get stuck and swamp my interior, but after that i did very well, i held my own against many larger trucks and did very well, definatly gonna go back and play again

Sweet! Where's the rest of the pics?

i'll be goin again next time, this time out Cheapthrills had 3 trucks, next time i expect cheapthrills to have atleast 5-6

Located at 2293 28th ST Allegan, MI 49010

Gates open @1pm

Mud Run 2pm - 6pm

Spectators $3

Mud Runners $10

Mud Runners must have 2006 Michigan ORV

For more information call (269) 673-8774

Future Mud Run Dates

June 25 ( 4th Sunday )

July 23 ( 4th Sunday )

August 20 ( 3rd Sunday )

September 17 ( 3rd Sunday )

October 15 (3rd Sunday

i'll get a link to more pics once i collect them from all the cheapthrill camera's

less then a week before the next bear swamp run (this sunday) c',om nobody wants to go and play?


heres my crew's rigs


heres me next to my EX

More pics

heres my son enjoying the days events, what a cheeseball lol

heres was my worst stuck

the best way I've found to keep the mud from killing your starter and alter. is to leave it running until the engine heat dries the mud. the heat keeps the mud from going inside (boils it out).

it goes out while i'm in the mud, while its runin

mine wiped out a brush. there was only a little bit of the brush was left on the lead. but it probley didn't help that i jumped the blazer in the pic above.