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Beard racing seat install (w/electric controls)


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April 10, 2011
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Anaheim CA
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98 XLT 5.0
I am installing a beard seat I got from a offroad shop as a discounted display model in my 98 explorer. I am in the progress of doing it right now. Comeing out great!!!

these are the parts I picked up at McKenzie's performance and Moore's part source here in Anaheim. ridiculously cheap prices but Mckenzie's doesn't really list much on their website you have to call them and just tell them what you want cause they have everything


here is the display seat I got it came with a cool stand to make it into a chair.


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took the electric seat control harness from the stock seat and fitted it to the bottom of the beard seat so the seat and wiring can disconnect from the slider and the motors.


..How are you liking these seats?..:popcorn:

They are great they hold you in real nice. Even my wife drives the explorer and doesn't have anything to say about the seats. The low sides of the endure make it easy to get in and out of. I want to put these as the back seats and some new seats with a little more containment for the front.